We import authentic Shungite direct from Karelia, Russia. Natures creation.... your path to optimal wellbeing.

Australia's largest importer & retailer of Karelian Shungite from the Zazhoginsky Mine in Russia . Australian owned and operated, quality guaranteed!

The Shungite Experience

Step back in time - two billion years - discover this remarkable Stone. See what beauty and well-being it brings. Visit with Shungite and open the door to an infusion of Light, Clearing, and Balance. Feel its energy bringing Harmony to all spaces. Shungite can be used to balance EMFs, purify water, or create beautiful jelwellery. There are so many ways to use Shungite! We are always looking for beautiful new pieces to share with you. We are Australia’s largest Shungite supplier, contact us for more information or purchase on our website.
Address – PO Box 4075 East Gosford 2250
Phone – 0422 989 228

Latest Testimonials

Mala beauty!

Elite Shungite Mala

My Dear Beloved Laurice and Mark,

This is just to let you know that I thank you and am really pleased to receive the

Shungite Mala and Cube. They are full of beauty. The Mala you have made is

full of Devotion and Love, it has its own heartthrob. It fills me with the joy of spiritual feelings and meditativeness.

They have surrounded me with freshness, purity and dynamic vibrations.

Have a very fresh, lovely and beautiful time.

With all my love and blessings,

Swami Krishna Gautam

Passion, Knowledge & Commitment

Shungite Bracelet

Mark and Laurice own and run ” The Shungite Experience “

I was searching for shungite online and came across The Shungite Experience ” website. I was very impressed with their user-friendly website; making it easy to check out their extensive range of shungite, crystals and stones. Their website is beautifully set up with options for creating jewellery combinations using Shungite. When talking with them on the phone their passion, knowledge and commitment to Shungite were obvious, and their willingness to help in every way possible was very much appreciated. My order was sent immediately and I received it within a very short time. I find their prices to be very competitive, and it felt great to purchase Shungite from people that have a genuine passion and commitment to this amazing stone. I am grateful to have Shungite in my life in the form of a sphere and jewellery that I purchased from Mark and Alex.

Mark and Alex, I wish you ongoing success with the ‘Shungite Experience’  I really appreciate your friendliness sincerity and passion for Shungite.

Thank you both!



Danburite Pendant

Hi guys,

I just got my first order delivered the other day, thank you so much, absolutely love everything, and beautifully packed as well. Love the ease of your website and the customer service too. So I’m a bit addicted at the moment! lol. Thank you so much!




Very Happy Return Customer!

Aquamarine Pendant

I am a returning and very happy customer of The Shungite Experience. I have purchased Shungite pyramids and spheres, pieces of Elite Shungite, Shungite tiles (great for meditation crystal arrays, or sending Reiki incorporating crystals and stones) and jewellery – the Aquamarine pendant is beautiful. I find Mark and Alex genuinely friendly and generous, and very willing to meet any specific requests. The website is very easy to use (even for this 68-year-old Grandma) and their products are of high quality, beautifully presented. May they prosper.


Jindabyne NSW.

Thank you

Unpolished Shungite Tile

Thank you for the prompt delivery of my well packaged latest delivery on Friday. Today I have placed my second order, for tiles this time.
I can’t wait for the delivery of an EMF metre to help with the positioning of our pyramids and assessing whether we need more.



Shungite and Fluorite Harmoniser Set

Just wanted to say a big “thank you”! Your shungite is absolutely beautiful and so breathtaking!

Really happy with everything and I will be a return customer for sure.

Thank you so much

Kindest regards



Thank-you for my “companion solution” shungite pendant.

Companion planting has been used since the year dot.
Now Shungite seems to be a companion solution for the modern world’s problems from unavoidable technology.

I turn my pendant so the face touches my skin at many points, no matter what the pendant angle. I also added a long round skinny leather loop with slide knots on the ends, so it cant be seen. It works a treat as my seatbelt won’t touch the pendant!
Thanks for the high-quality pick of the crop items.


Ivan Bate

Happy Customer!

Elite Super Large 408gms

I’ve also given one of your bracelets to my Mum (from my first order) and she raves about it. She feels it has really helped with her recovery from spinal surgery a couple of years ago. She says she has much more energy since wearing the bracelet. She is positive again – is volunteering, learning French, leading a local writing group and has started a dance class! I haven’t seen her like this for years. My vitality has also increased so much. I’m no longer tired during the day, am overall much more positive and open to new challenges! Is this something you hear a lot?…….


Great Quality Products

Elite 278gms

I have purchased from The Shungite Experience twice now, and am very impressed with the high quality of the Noble Shungite pieces that I’ve bought, and the excellent customer service. Was also impressed with the quick delivery time.
I highly recommend this business. Thanks, Mark & Laurice it’s a pleasure to deal with you.


Loving my latest order!

Shungite 6cm Polished Sphere

Thank you for the most beautiful products that are truly treasured in our home. I have placed several orders now and love everything from the awesome customer service and quick delivery through to the quality of Shungite which draws so many comments when people visit. After 14 years of chronic headaches, I have not had a single one since having a large Shungite sphere in our bedroom. I have tried so many things to manage them – from herbs to physio to yoga as well as medications but the best I could achieve was a few days of relief. Nothing ever ‘got rid of them’. It’s now been two months and not a single headache… and I haven’t changed anything else. Thank you – I really believe the Shungite has allowed my body to heal.


Strong Energy

Elite Shungite Pendant Medium

Out of all the Elite Shungite I’ve handled, this is by far the strongest, I’m buying a second one because I gave my other one to my sick Aunty. Your Shungite ROCKS!


Avid Crystal Collector

Elite Shungite

As an avid crystal collector, before making any purchase, I prefer to e-mail or telephone the on line sellers. Unfortunately, responses to my inquiries are at times quite tardy or non existent.

Hence, I was surprised when my first and subsequent inquiries to “The Shungite Experience” website, have always been very prompt and very helpful. Their advice is invaluable, and I’m happy to say that they have proved to be most trustworthy of my custom.


Fantastic Quality & Service

100mm Shungite Merkabah

The Shungite collection from my first order arrived quickly and well presented. I love every item. The platonic solid set is beautiful and each piece emits a different energy. I started meditating with the Shungite Merkaba as well and it helps me to feel calm and focused quickly. All Shungite pieces seem to add a calmer, more harmonious and healing atmosphere to the house. I highly recommend this shop and already placed my second order.



Thank you for my items, just perfect, I’ll be buying more! Great customer service too!


Supurb products and gracious service!

Shungite Flat Stones

I would like to thank the Shungite Experience for their outstanding service and products. Alex and Mark are passionate about their business, and they go above and beyond to supply the finest crystals and polished stones for their customers – even very scarce pieces of round Shungite. Their mystical jewellery is also a must for any serious Shungite collector.




Beautiful Pieces

Sterling Silver Pendant Elite Shungite Pendant


I received the pendant and pyramid today and both are beautiful. I can’t wait to wear the pendant and to feel its protection. The pyramid is beautiful, such great quality. Thanks again.



Amazing Shungite

Rondelle Beaded Necklace

I received my order of Shungite today. Very well packaged, I might add. Upon opening the package I just felt an immediate change in myself and my surroundings and the urge to purchase more Shungite (which I have just done). Incredible that anything could promote such a quick change in a person’s feelings and perceptions. I have to say, Shungite is now my favourite of all stones! Very uplifting. Thank you xx


So glad you like our Shungite and its worked its magic on you!!

L & M



Shungite Sphere

Received my Shungite Sphere today…..Awesome, thank you! I’ll be ordering more soon, Cheers!

Aaron, QLD

Tough decisions!

I desperately wanted a piece of shungite after I stumbled across an article on its amazing properties and wanted a piece that i could leave on 24/7 i.e eat, sleep shower in, never take off …

I was blown away by your designs and decided that the double terminated pendant would best fit the bill however I was also drawn to the piece of elite shungite too so i ordered both…

So my problem is…….

Having received both today I am totally confused as to which one to wear as they are both superb!!!!

They are awesome and then some….. More amazing than i could have ever imagined!

So which one do i leave on??????

Life’s sooooo hard…..


Murray G

Thank you!

Thank-you for the amazingly quick service. I am thrilled with my purchases .. I could feel the energy, opening the well-packed box. I just loved the unpolished side of the tile …. It felt more natural and deeper energy from it… Love the 100 x 100 Tiles ..I will get more soon ….. Thanks again.

ps… I am going to see what it does in my Scalar and ( Rife machine) as it can travel remotely.. also, it can impregnate the Frequencies of the stone into water or Crystals.


Wonderful, super quality products!

Unpolished 4Cm Shungite Pyramid

Receiving your parcel was the highlight of the day, for sure! Thanks once again for a speedy delivery. I do truly appreciate the care you take with your packaging … and those delightful linen bags! … such a lovely finishing touch to your wonderful, super quality products. Please let me know when those earrings arrive … and I will put another order through.

Thanking you once again.   It is great dealing with you both!

Narelle, NSW

Thank you for my shungite.

Shungite 4cm sphere

Thank you for my Shungite, and the very fast service. I look forward to adding these pieces to my collection.



Wonderful quality

Tall Shungite 4cm Polished Pyramid

Thank you for the well-packaged order, which arrived in good time. My first order consisted of a sphere, a cube and a tall pyramid. All are wonderful pieces and am happy to add them to my growing collection.


Awesome Shungite

158gm Elite

Thank you so much for my quick order of Shungite. This was my 2nd order from you and once again you have outdone yourself in the excellence of delivery and the product is 1st grade. I’m looking forward to growing my collection of Shungite (mostly to protect my family).
Once again thank you.


Highly recommended!

Square Shungite with Sterling Silver Spacers

The Shungite Experience was a lovely experience. Laurice could not do enough to help me get exactly what I wanted and the end products were beautiful. Highly recommended.


Wonderful Shungite matched by top quality service!

Pyrite Heart

I have made several purchases from this store and have been delighted by the prompt and professional service. Items arrive promptly and are always exceptionally well packaged. The red hessian bags are a very classy touch and much appreciated. I love all the items I have purchased but my favourites are the large Shungite pyramid, the large Shungite sphere, the elite Shungite for purifying the water, and the Shungite bracelet and beautiful golden pyrite. I find the shungite strengthening, energising and balancing. The perfect combination! Thank you so much 😊


Handcrafted perfection!

Shungite Arrowhead and Heart Pendant set



When I contacted Mark from The Shungite Experience asking for a pendant to wear I found him so helpful. He even handcrafted a design up for me in a heart shape exactly like the sample image I sent him and with specific instructions. Mark is friendly and helpful and the end product was perfect. I love wearing my Shungite Heart Pendant knowing it’s protecting me from harmful EMF’s. Thank you!





Thrilled yet again!!

Rose Quartz Double Polished Heart

I made another purchase last week and was thrilled yet again by the quality of the items, and by the incredibly generous bonus gifts, especially the pyrite which is out of this world. Thank you so much!! The pyrite and shungite hearts are absolutely stunning, and I love the rose quartz double heart. The shungite stands are perfect to stand my crystal and gemstone spheres on, and the black really sets off the colours beautifully. My plants are loving having elite shungite water daily, and since putting a piece of elite shungite at the base of each they have grown to new levels of height and health. Imagine what they must be doing for me given that I’ve been drinking elite shungite water as well!! : ) Seriously though, I have been drinking much more water since using elite shungite to purify the water, and an unexpected side benefit is that I have lost all my sugar cravings… Very unusual for me, so I’m assuming it must have something to do with the magic of shungite! Thank you so much again for your wonderful customer service, it is always a pleasure to shop at your store and to receive your BEAUTIFULLY packaged items.


Wonderful Energy

Unpolished Shungite Tile

Hello Mark.  A little note to let you know I received my order and as usual very happy with my Shungite, love the way the energy radiates from them, they are truly a living little gem. Thank you for your great service and for bringing these wonderful gems to us. Kindest regards. Bernadette 🙏🙏🌟


Great quality and great service

Shungite Unpolished 6cm Pyramid

I received my Shungite pyramid quickly and the quality is great. I’m proud to support an Aussie company with such great products and service!


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