Shungite Rock
elite and Amber Bracelet
super elite pendant
Super Elite Shungite Pendant
Elite Shungite 650gm
Elite Collectors Piece
Shungite and clear Quartz Pendulum
Shungite Pendulum
Shungite Hill, Karelia
Fullerene Sculpture, Petrozavodsk City

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We established The Shungite Experience in 2013 when we were first introduced to Shungite. We fell in love with this 2 billion year old black " Rock " and in just 8 years we have grown a small Australian family-owned and run business into the largest Australian retailer and importer of Shungite! We had to make mistakes, loose money and confidence while learning from the ground up, how to import and run our business. More recently started Shungite businesses are rushing to following our lead as Shungite is becoming more and more popular! We have grown into a customer orientated, creative and trendsetting Shungite retailer with many new products in development and being introduced in 2022! We have products that you wont find anywhere else and we introduced products like Shungite kits, Elite pendants, Shungite Mala Beads & Elite Powder into the market way before other retailers had even thought about them!

We only buy genuine Shungite from The Zazhoginsky deposit in Russia.  We believe that Shungite has amazing qualities to help the planet and its people grow and enjoy optimal well-being!’’.

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We hold integrity and honesty in all dealings as our defining motivation. We have over 8 years of passion, experience and innovation as our guiding light in running our business. We believe in putting people before profit and honesty before gain. We always try to make our Customers feel special - because we believe you are! We value our precious Environment and so make ourselves an Eco-friendly business. We choose to use minimal packaging ( only enough to keep your orders safe and sound) which is biodegradable wherever possible, as well as recycling all our supply packing to ensure our environmental impact is kept at a minimum. We use recycled tape, paper, foam, packing bubbles (which are made from corn ), and anything else we can possibly use that is environmentally sound. We are grounded in firm beliefs of healing through nature and we are committed to sustaining our ethos “do no harm”. We believe in supporting Aussie business and so as we venture down the path of developing unique Shungite products we decided to only use Australian companies, even though going off shore would save us money. We had to stand by our convictions and ideals.

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