Thrilled yet again!!

I made another purchase last week and was thrilled yet again by the quality of the items, and by the incredibly generous bonus gifts, especially the pyrite which is out of this world. Thank you so much!! The pyrite and shungite hearts are absolutely stunning, and I love the rose quartz double heart. The shungite stands are perfect to stand my crystal and gemstone spheres on, and the black really sets off the colours beautifully. My plants are loving having elite shungite water daily, and since putting a piece of elite shungite at the base of each they have grown to new levels of height and health. Imagine what they must be doing for me given that I’ve been drinking elite shungite water as well!! : ) Seriously though, I have been drinking much more water since using elite shungite to purify the water, and an unexpected side benefit is that I have lost all my sugar cravings… Very unusual for me, so I’m assuming it must have something to do with the magic of shungite! Thank you so much again for your wonderful customer service, it is always a pleasure to shop at your store and to receive your BEAUTIFULLY packaged items.


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