We have the largest range of Elite Shungite available in Australia! Sizes range from extra small to Collector’s pieces. Over 36 different sizes/weights to choose from. 158gm EliteWe add more pieces regularly and we guarantee our products as genuine- direct from the mines in Karelia, Russia.

Elite or Noble  Shungite is rare and accounts for about 1% of all Shungite mined. Elite is mined by hand because it is so easily breakable, hence its cost is much higher. Of all Shungite, Elite contains the highest concentration of Fullerenes, it also contains approximately 97% Carbon. Fullerenes are what set  Shungite apart from other stones and crystals. These hollow carbon-based molecules have been studied by science and shown remarkable properties. Elite Shungite is also loved for the gorgeous jewelry that is made from it. Each piece is unique and shines with lustrous beauty. All of our Shungite is tested for quality as well as authenticity. We know our Shungite is genuine as we have many years of experience working with it.

The appearance of Elite varies from shiny silver to shiny black. It doesn’t leave dust on you when touched. When researching Shungite please be careful as not all suppliers are reputable. Each piece of Elite Shungite is unique, no two will look the same.