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Microbiological, Physico-Chemical and Organoleptic Parameters of Apple Juice, Processed by Shungite.

Apple Juice

This paper is dedicated to the results of studying microbiological, Physico-chemical and organoleptic parameters of apple juice processed by shungite. Shungite is a natural mineral that has special structural composition, characterized by the existence of fullerenes and nanotubes. This paper explains the methods applied by the authors to prepare shungite for experimental research, to process […]

Effect of magnetic impurities in based on Shungite electromagnetic absorbers on its shielding properties

EMF Spectrum

Pukhir H.A. , Mahmoud M.Sh. Abstract The effect of ferromagnetic impurities in electromagnetic based shungite absorbers is studied. The presence of the particle’s magnetic powder in composite structure influences attenuation and reflection characteristics of shielding material has been established. It is found that the exact quantity of magnetic inclusions in relation to the shungite powder […]

Shungite influence on the water chemistry

Water splash

A. Z Zaidenberg Institute of Geology, Karelian Research Center, Russian Academy of Sciences, Petrozavodsk, Russia 185610 Introduction: The Proterozoic rocks of the Shunga district (Karelia, Russia) have attracted interest for over one century because of their high carbon contents and unusual C forms. In addition to their geological fascination, shungites have properties that make them […]

Research Influence of Shungite on Mountain Water from Bulgaria

Karelia Russia

Ignat Ignatov, Oleg Mosin Scientific Research Center of Medical Biophysics (SRCMB), N. Kopernik Street, 32, Sofia 1111, Bulgaria Biotechnology Department, Moscow State University of Applied Biotechnology, Talalikhina Street, 33, Moscow 109316, Russian Federation Our review A study was conducted to determine the structure and composition of a natural mineral with a high concentration of carbon […]

The structure and composition of natural carbonaceous fullerene containing mineral Shungite

Shungite Hill

Oleg Mosin Moscow State University of Applied Biotechnology, Moscow 119554, Russia Ignat Ignatov Scientific Research Center of Medical Biophysics, Sofia 1111, Bulgaria The review of this article Researchers studied the composition and structural properties of amorphous, fullerene analogous carbon-containing shungite mineral from the Zazhoginskoe deposit in Karelia (Russian Federation). In this report, there is submitted […]

Carbonaceous Fullerene Containing Mineral Shungite and Aluminosilicate Mineral Zeolite. Mathematical Model and Practical Application of Water Solution of Shungite and Zeolite.


They studied the mathematical model of interaction with water of two natural minerals – amorphous, uncrystallized, fullerene analogous carbon-containing natural mineral shungite from Zazhoginskoe deposit in Karelia (Russian Federation) and microporous crystalline aluminosilicate mineral zeolite (Most, Bulgaria). In this report are submitted data about the interaction of these minerals with water. 

Antioxidant and Anti-Inflammatory Effects of Shungite against Ultraviolet B Irradiation-Induced Skin Damage in Hairless Mice.


As fullerene-based compound applications have been rapidly increasing in the health industry, the need for biomedical research is urgently in demand. While shungite is regarded as a natural source of fullerene, it remains poorly documented. Here, we explored the in vivo effects of shungite against ultraviolet B- (UVB-) induced skin damage by investigating the physiological […]