Shungite and Zeolite used to extract Uranium.

Below is a link to a very interesting Scientific Paper on Shungite being used to extract Uranium from contaminated areas in Kazakhstan.

An exert from the Conclusion :

The research found that natural sorbent modified by phosphorus slag and preliminarily activated in a chloride surrounding actively extracts both uranium and iron. In contrast, it extracts iron to a greater extent in carbonated surroundings. This property can be used to separate them.
Physical and chemical studies of phosphorus slag showed that its basis is a glass phase based on volostanite, calcite, and calcium; iron silicates are included in a small amount. Phosphorus is present in the form of lazulite. When phosphorus slag is activated by the hydrothermal method in a carbonated surrounding, and a wide temperature range, its phase composition, structure, and morphology of particles change when treated with sodium chloride. The main amorphous phase is preserved, but it undergoes some changes. Conditions for the activation of natural minerals such as zeolite and shungite preactivated by phosphorus slag were developed in the course of this research. It has been established that when modifying a natural mineral with activated sodium chloride phosphorus slag, the sorbent actively extracts uranium and iron, and it extracts iron to a greater extent by sodium carbonate. This property can be used to separate uranium from iron.
Link to the full paper :
Shungite is one of those amazing minerals that, we believe, can help our Planet!