How to use Shungite

Ways to use Shungite

In general, we look for ways to promote healing and bring balance and harmony to both ourselves and our home, which is why Shungite is so good!

Shungite Water.

We choose to use Elite and Shards to prepare Shungite water. Add about 20 – 30gms of small Elite pieces and 100gms of Shungite Shards per litre of filtered water, to a container. Stand for one day ( can leave for up to 3 ) with the lid off, then remove the Elite and Shards, replace the lid. The water is now ready to use. If you prefer you can leave both the shards and elite in the water and then rinse them off every few weeks. We suggest taking them out of the water if you are making it in smaller bottles to drink from during the day as the smaller pieces could be a choking hazard!

Shungite water keeps indefinitely, there is no risk of it getting negatively charged. To avoid an accumulation of nitrates, chlorine etc, we recommend changing the shards every 12 – 18 months. This does depend on what sort of water you have. The shards can be used over and over for at least 12-18 months and then you can add them to your plants or garden. The Elite never needs to be changed. Please rinse your shards and Elite every few weeks as a slight film may build up after being submerged in the water.

You can use this process with reverse osmosis water as it can be lacking in vital and dynamic qualities which Shungite will put back into the water.

Small Elite Shungite pieces

Shungite water will be slightly acidic so we recommend that you take a break every few weeks. To avoid this we like to add a few drops of liquid chlorophyll to the water after the shungite has purified it. This will make the water alkaline and also give a great fresh taste. For further information go here

Shungite Baths

Baths in Shungite water can be very useful in regaining strength and energy, giving a sense of well-being. They have been known to reduce fatigue and improve circulation also.  You just need to add Elite Shungite to the water ( preferably in a little bag ) leave for 10 minutes and then stay in the bath for about 20 minutes to receive the maximum effect.

Shungite Oil

Take good quality organic coconut oil and add 1g of Shungite powder per 10g of oil, mix well. Great for dry skin and an itchy scalp.

Shungite Poultice

Shungite powder mixed with water to form a paste. Then apply the paste to skin irritations. You can cover the area with plastic wrap and leave it on for a few hours or as long as you can.

Wearing Shungite

Regina Martino explains the benefits of wearing Shungite in her book (“Shungite Protection, Healing & Detoxification”).Elite Shungite Pendant
There is a wide range of choices for wearing Shungite including bracelets, pendants and necklaces, earrings and more. Shungite is said to balance the energy around it, unlike some crystals that reflect or draw in negative energy. You can wear Shungite every day and it will help to keep your energy clear and balanced. It is also said to be great for EMF protection.

Shungite spheres, cubes and pyramids.

Spheres are best used in bedrooms and family areas as they have a very gentle effect.

Cubes work in a grounding way and are perfect to use in homes that are on a steeply sloping block or in Pole homes. Cubes are also perfect to use on WiFi routers to balance EMF radiation. Place your cube over the internal antenna and the Shungite will balance the EMF emissions so they become more harmonious to the human form.

Pyramids can be used in EMF protection around the home. They are perfect to use in areas such as loungerooms or dining areas etc, anywhere that is a high use area. They have a very strong field that emanates from them due to their shape.

Shungite tiles

Shungite Tiles can be used in a variety of ways. We use one in our vegetable crisper to keep food fresher for longer. We also have one in our cars to help with EMF protection. You can set your laptop on a tile while using it to help with any EMF’s as well. They are perfect to keep your mobile phone on beside the bed or on your desk.

Shungite For Well Being – from the book “Shungite: Protection, Healing and Detoxification” by Regina Martino

“All Russian studies on using Shungite for therapeutic purposes have demonstrated its effectiveness and its ability in stimulating immune system defences and in reactivating the healing processes.
In our nonmedical viewpoint, we are interested in applying Shungite to the domain of well-being. In its natural state and in whatever form it may be, this mineral displays no negative effect. It is therefore ideal for usage without precise therapeutic control. However, as with any solution linked to wellbeing, the use of Shungite never replaces the advice of a medical doctor when faced with any particular pathology.
The advantage to the use of Shungite is that it is never in conflict with other therapies, even those that depend on medication because it acts on the base of our energetic body and supports all efforts taken to re-establish balance and health.”

Shungite Rooms in Russia

Taken from the book ” Shungite: Healing, Protection and Detoxification ” by Regina Martino

With long experience of using Shungite, its healing properties and the high efficiency of protection from electromagnetic radiation allowed the creation of Shungite rooms, mostly in Russia, for adaptation and psycho-emotional correction, for both adults and children. Recovery is the main effect of the Shungite room.

Staying in such a room enhances the overall vitality and body resistance which improves the work efficiency of healthy individuals. This gives an opportunity to use Shungite rooms for physical and psychological rehabilitation and non-medical recovery of human beings. Shungite rooms can also correct the energy bio-field of a person.

Such Shungite rooms are constructed in St. Petersburg Military Medical Academy, in Petrozavodsk, in the spa centre “White Springs”, in the office of the company “Pritsero P” in Moscow, in Saratov. There is also a Shungite room in prison “Matrosskaya Tishina”, where the guards visit this place for 20-30 minutes to relieve fatigue after the shifts.

The Shungite room constructed in Beslan School No.1 in 2006 has shown amazing results. It became a unique generator of life force to those who have survived the well-known Beslan tragedy (the seizure of children in this school by terrorists in 2004). The smiles of children, their colourful drawings that symbolise the good and the friendship, sunshine and flowers, the improvement of the emotional status of teachers and parents of children who have experienced this tragedy are the best evidence of surprising properties of Shungite, the “stone-comforter”, as it is known.

EMF Protection

Shungite as Electromagnetic Protection – Read more in our blog EMF Protection

Care Of Shungite

To keep your Shungite product looking at its best it is recommended to use warm soapy water to clean it and then leave it in the sun for a few hours to dry out completely.  As Shungite never takes on a negative charge, there is nothing else required, making it an easy-care product.