Shungite Powder


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Shungite powder is perfect to use on your skin if you have areas that are irritated. You can mix with water or oil to make a paste, then apply and cover with plastic wrap. Leave for as long as you can and then reapply as needed. It can also be used in plants. BeeKeepers are now adding Shungite Powder to their hives and the bees are loving it! Makes wonderful Shungite Honey.

Comes in a plastic container – BPA & Phthalate free

Approx 25 micron particles.

Weight is approx 100 gms

Shungite is a stone of balance and harmony…….Read More About Metaphysical Crystal Meanings

Please take care when opening the containers as they are filled completely. We add as much as possible but it is your responsibility not to spill them when opening.

Standard up to 500gms 12.95
  • .5 - 1kgs 14.95
  • 1- 2kg 19.95
  • 2-3 kg 22.95
  • 3-5 kg 25.95
  • 5-10 kg 35.00
  • over 10kg - 55.00
Express Up to .500gm 15.00
  • .5 - 3 kg 18.00
  • 3 - 5 kg 25.00
  • over 5 kg- 49.00


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