Where to start!


Shungite Placement for Homes:

We have drawn up a quick plan to give you an idea of where to start working with Shungite in your home. This is a basic idea and depends on many different things, such as the size of your home, its proximity to Mobile Towers and the amount of EMF producing equipment you use. It’s a guideline to get you started but by no means an end to what you can do with Shungite. We use a sphere, Pyramid, and Cube in this diagram.

Personal Protection :

Here are a few guidelines and ideas on how to start using Shungite for your personal protection etc:

Shungite Bracelet

Elite Shungite Pendant

Mobile phone sticker/ plate

Shungite Flatstones ( for your pocket or bag )

These will give you good coverage and help to balance your energy.

For your home, you can buy a Shungite Starter Pack here:

We also recommend drinking Shungite Water.

Modern Family Protection

Shungite Zone Of Influence:

Below is a basic guide to the influence various Shungite Shapes will have in the area around themselves. Note that Tall Pyramids were not made when Regina Martino did this testing for her book. Tall Pyramids have a much larger mass/ volume than normal pyramids so their influence will be greater. We suggest their influence is probably one and a half times larger.


Shungite Ranges