Shungite Water

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For centuries this mineral has been used to purify and energize drinking and bathing water.

On March 20, 1719, Peter the Great opened Marcial Waters Resort in Karelia, here is why in his own words:

“…Because these waters cure various cruel illnesses, in particular: scurvy, morbid depression, gall, stomach weakness, vomiting, diarrhoea, stones, kidneys; and have the great power against other illnesses…”

This is actually one of the oldest recorded historical pieces of evidence of Shungite’s amazing properties. Scientists now know that the healing effect of the Marcial water is created by it passing through Shungite deposits, being enriched by fullerenes as a result.

Drinking Shungite water helps the body to function at its best

It is proven now that Shungite can neutralize a significant number of toxins because it holds a massive quantity of hydrogen, making it very effective for water purification.

The beneficial qualities of Shungite-infused water are well-documented in Russia. They are derived from their unique chemical composition and physical characteristics – carbon’s naturally porous structure – that result in extremely high filtering capacity.

Here is a quote from a respected scientific source, Science Direct:

Shungite is an effective sorbent for the removal of organic and inorganic substances, pathogenic bacteria and heavy metals from contaminated water.”

Plainly speaking, it kills pathogenic bacteria and purifies water.

Numerous studies confirm that adding Shungite fills the water with oxygen, calcium, magnesium and other essential mineral components, while killing bacteria, and removing pesticides, chlorine, and heavy metals.  Bad taste and odours disappear too!

Another good reason to drink Shungite water is that it contains natural antioxidants that neutralize free radicals, which makes it beneficial to our cells and tissues. It is totally safe to put Shungite directly in your glass or carry in your water bottle. Just make sure your stone is not fake and is of the right grade.

We source our Shungite directly from the mines in Karelia Russia- this is one way we make sure it is authentic.

Many energy practitioners believe that Shungite not only purifies water but also charges it with healing energy, helping to keep the body healthy and balanced. If you decide to drink Shungite water, use Shungite Shards to make it as these are what Martino references to in her book and all scientific studies used. You can then add Elite Shungite to re-energise your water with fullerenes but it is the shards that remove the toxins etc. Shungite shards come in a raw form and are not polished or modified in any way.

Drinking one/two glasses a day will keep your body energized and in balance.

According to Martino, Shungite will keep indefinitely, but if the water is really polluted, the shards will pick up such impurities as chlorine, nitrates, and fluoride, so she advises cleansing the shards and elite every four to six months.

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