The Shungite we choose for maximum EMF protection.

Hi there,
We often receive inquiries about the specific Shungite pieces we use for personal and home protection against EMF emissions. Several factors must be considered when choosing the right pieces. In this article, we will provide a clear explanation of our choices and the rationale behind them.
First and foremost, it’s essential to assess how EMFs affect you. You need to determine your level of sensitivity and whether you are electrosensitive. Most people fall somewhere in between. If you are electrosensitive, you will likely require more Shungite; otherwise, less will suffice.
Secondly, consider your proximity to phone towers or other high-emission equipment. Living near such sources may necessitate more Shungite to counteract these emissions. Given the increasing number of towers, particularly with the 5G roll-out, it’s evident that these developments are significantly impacting people’s well-being. You can see a great resource that shows you where these towers are in any given area here:
We hope the information below will empower you to make informed decisions for yourself and your family.

Personal protection :

Mobile Phones:Shungite-Phone-Sticker

Our first choice, and we think the most essential piece of Shungite in your EMF armour, is the Ultimate Energy Sticker for phones. While this is more expensive than the plain Shungite plates—and we understand that it might not be a monetary choice for you—we would always choose this as it is packed with other minerals to enhance the Shungite. This is critical as our mobile phones radiate the closest to our bodies with the highest EMFs. If you can’t afford or choose not to purchase this, buy a plane Shungite plate. It will help with EMFs, but they are less potent than the stickers.



Pendants:Large Elite Pendant

The next piece that we suggest and use is an Elite Shungite pendant. These give the highest protection from EMFs and help balance our energies. We wear an Elite pendant and wouldn’t wear anything else! We have many to choose from in the shop—from small to exclusive handmade pieces from our craftsmen. Larger pieces will give more coverage, but purchase what you can afford and enjoy the benefits!


Bracelets: Elite bracelet

We always wear bracelets as they cover and energise the various meridian points that run through our wrists. For everyday use, we wear a Shungite bead bracelet. The C60 Shungite and Amber are our first choice; they have the most vital energy. For special occasions, we wear one of our Elite bracelets with various crystals.


Computers and more:

We co-created our Shungite Energy Mat to help with EMF emissions while using a laptop. This fantastic product is multifunctional and of great value, considering how many different things it can be used for. You can use it for the following things, but you are not limited to these! Shungite Energy mate instructions

  • Water purification
  • Meditation enhancement
  • EMF protection
  • Grounding


You can find it here:

Your Home:floor plan

When it comes to our home, we recommend a variety of different pieces. We always suggest starting with one or two pieces and adding to them when possible. We have attached our home diagram to show you where to place our Shungite pieces. You can add pieces as you need or want to. It depends on your sensitivity to EMFs and your home’s location to larger EMF fields. We suggest starting with pieces that will give you the most immediate benefits.




Spheres: Bedrooms- sphere

We spend, on average, 8 hours a night in bed, so placing a sphere either beside or under your bed is a no-brainer! You will notice better sleep and hopefully a calmer environment. A 6cm sphere is the smallest size we use.


Cubes: WiFi Router- 4cm Unpolished Shungite Cube

Always place a cube ( our preference ) or pyramid on or near your router. This will mitigate the most significant amount of EMF pollution in your home. Please do not use a tile, as the volume of Shungite isn’t enough to counter the EMF emissions. A 6cm – 8 cm cube is our preferred choice.




Pyramids: Lounge/Family Rooms- Tall Shungite Octagonal Pyramid polished

We use and suggest a tall pyramid in these areas, as they have considerably more volume than the average pyramid. You can place these close to where you sit or near the TV; both are fine. We have one in both places.



You can use many more pieces around your home if you choose to. You can add a pyramid or cube to your dining area and the same to your kitchen. You can add a magnet to your microwave and fridge, too. If you look at the house diagram, you will see the various other pieces that can be used. Just add pieces as you think you need them.

As always, feel free to email us with any questions; we will happily answer them!