Raquirite/ Colombian Elite Shungite – What exactly is it?



Updated February 2024. 

We have done some basic testing with a multi-meter and found the following. 

  1. Raquirite has a reading of approximately 13000 Ohms. This completely differs from Russian Elite Shungite, which shows a reading between 1 and 10 Ohms. Russian Shungite will test at zero if you set your range to a high setting on a multi-meter. Either way, it simply isn’t conducting as Shungite should. This, in our humble opinion, shows it doesn’t have the same Carbon or Fullerene content as Elite Shungite, and therefore, we disagree that it is the same as Russian Shungite. 
  2. Columbian Elite has a high carbon content but is a DIFFERENT carbon to the carbon in genuine Elite Shungite. Anthracite, as we believe this to be possibly, contains from 91 to 98% carbon, but in a different form – bound. There are no fullerenes in the composition of anthracites! 

Much conjecture is still on this subject, and we suggest you also look into this. We understand that the tests carried out on Columbian Shungite showed a high carbon content, but this doesn’t show there are Fullerenes present. Fullerenes are what make Shungite unique. When I see certification showing Fullerenes are present in this mineral, I will happily offer it on our website. Until then, I will only sell Russian Shungite as it is certified.

See here for our article on testing for genuine Shungite – We hope this clears up the different information discussed in Shungite circles.


Latest Update: As promised, we have purchased a piece of Colombian Elite. We are in the process of testing it and will update you when we have our findings. One thing is for sure – it certainly looks and feels like Elite! More to come ……

We stumbled across some listings ( on other platforms) selling something called Raqurite or Colombian Elite Shungite. Imagine our surprise to find a  ” new ” form of Elite had been found in Colombia. When did this happen, and why had it just been found? So many questions!!! I looked on the Internet and found it sold in several places. It is very cheap compared to Karelian Elite and nowhere near Russia, so I was intrigued. If this was genuine, then it was amazing. So I went down the rabbit hole, searching for this ” new mineral “. Below are my findings after reading many articles and looking at many scientific papers. Hopefully, this will be helpful.

Colombian Elite Shungite – really?

Extremely Rare first-hand look! **  Raquirite is a newly discovered crystal that protects the physical body from low-vibration thoughts, feelings, and emotions. This is what I read and how I stumbled across this mineral. Intriguing hey!

I decided to find where this so-called Colombian Elite Shungite is mined. I started looking for any mention of Colombian Elite Shungite in Shungite scientific Journals or literature. At the beginning of the search, I used the words Shungite or higher Anthraxolite. These terms are official scientific geological names of “elite shungite” of the first type from Karelia. In the scientific literature, Karelian Elite Shungite of the first type is called the highest Anthraxolite. It is also called brilliant Shungite of the first type. This is Karelian Elite Shungite or Anthraxolite and has a carbon content of up to 99%. Elite stands out from most other minerals because it has naturally occurring Fullerenes. I searched for information on higher Anthraxolites in Colombia but couldn’t find any publications on the manifestations of higher Anthraxolites in Colombia. I found no places or mines in Colombia with Elite or Higher anthraxolite deposits. So where is this mined, then? That is an excellent question.

I did find something else in Colombia that looks like Elite Shungite. In Colombia, at the Muzo mine, various minerals can be found among Emerald veins, including shiny ancient coal – Anthracite. There is one text about the Emerald Mine of Muzo that mentions Anthracite:

Anthracite. — Small fragments of impure anthracitic to graphitic carbon are found in joints in the emerald formation.

Anthracite seems like ancient coal, but it is not the highest anthraxolite. Initially, researchers called Elite Shungite anthracite because of its strong lustre, until they did more research and realised that they are fundamentally different. Anthracite is fossil coal. There are massive deposits all over the World. It seems strange that you would go to Colombia to find Anthracite, though, because it can be found worldwide in massive amounts.

Anthracite deposits are estimated at 6080 million tons in China, 6870 million tons in Russia, 710 million tons in South Africa, 200 million tons in Spain, 60 million tons in the United States and so on. Anthracite is used as a fuel in the energy sector, transport, everyday life, and some technological processes.

Anthracite is the oldest fossil coal with the highest degree of coalification (metamorphism). The best grade of coal is characterized by its black colour, strong lustre, and high calorific value. It has a high density of organic matter (1500-1700 kg/m³) and high electrical conductivity. Its hardness on a mineralogical scale of 2.0-2.5. Anthracite contains from 91 to 98% carbon, but in a different form – bound. There are no fullerenes in the composition of anthracites!

So, what’s the difference between Elite Shungite and Anthracite?

  • The electrical conductivity of elite shungite (or highest anthraxolite) is much higher than that of anthracite. The electrical conductivity of the highest anthraxolite (shungite of the first type) is 750 times higher than that of anthracite.
  • Higher anthraxolite (Elite Shungite )  burns poorly and cracks when heated. Anthracite burns quickly, without smoke and flame, with high heat transfer, and does not sinter.
  • Karelia’s highest anthraxolite (Elite) consists of a special amorphous form of carbon up to 99%, in which fullerenes are present. Due to the composition’s special form of carbon and fullerenes, shungite has protective properties against EMF radiation.
  • Anthracite is composed of 98% of another type of carbon, i.e. fixed carbon. It does not contain fullerenes. Anthracite does not have the unique properties of elite shungite from Karelia.
  • They have different chemical compositions.

In the classification of researcher-geologist V. A. Uspensky et al. (Uspensky et al., 1964): in the class of anthraxolites, the lowest, middle, and highest anthraxolites are distinguished according to the degree of transformation.

Higher Anthraxolites (Elite Shungite from Karelia) have the following characteristics:

  • metallic or diamond shine.
  • conchoidal fracture.
  • density 1.7–2.0 g/cm3.
  • they are electrically conductive.
  • the content of C is up to 99%, H is about 1%, and they usually contain heteroelements (N, S, O);
  • they crack when heated.
  • The molecular structure and composition of higher anthraxolites are not constant. Therefore, they are included in the class of mineraloids. Anthraxolites have an anisotropy of optical and other physical properties; their reflectivity (in the air) is 11–14.2%, and they belong to diamagnets.
  • Elite Shungite contains high amounts of Fullerenes.

So, some testing has been done in the USA on this mineral called Colombian Elite. You will find the results at the Gemmological Institute of America. The main problem is that no chemical composition was studied. They mainly say that it has a carbon content of approximately 98%. They don’t mention that it doesn’t contain Fullerenes. This is the most significant difference and why Shungite can balance and harmonise EMFs and this Colombian Elite can’t. Real Karelian Elite has been proven scientifically to protect us from EMFs.

So, where does this leave all of us discerning whether the Colombian Elite is fake? There is no recorded mineral called Colombian Elite. Anthracite can easily be mistaken for Elite because of its appearance. It is sold for much, much less than Karelian Shungite. It has suddenly popped up from nowhere with no records, etc.  It seems that this new Elite is probably Anthracite. It is available in abundance worldwide. The pictures below show how easy it is to be fooled, but the price is an even better giveaway! It has been shown that the only place on earth where Shungite is found is in Karelia, Russia.

I am open to new ideas and facts regarding this new Elite from Colombia, so if you have any information on where it is mined or anything else, please contact us so we can keep researching it. I know some very reputable crystal dealers are selling this and believe it is authentic. However, I still can’t find any evidence-based information on which mine it is from or its mineral composition. These are the two most important facts that we need to know. Some say it has more Fullerenes than Karelian Elite but without proof. I think this needs to be followed up so we can know either way. We have ordered some Columbian Elite so we can do some testing on it. We will follow up this article with any new evidence we find.

We hope this new find is genuine, as it would be fabulous to get more Elite out to more people, but only time and research will tell. Please get in touch with us if you have any further information to share.

There is a strong external similarity; a high percentage of carbon and some electrical conductivity make anthracite an ideal fake for elite shungite.

Below are some comparison photos – they start with Colombian Elite – in some opinions, more commonly known as Anthracite.

Anthracite Anthracite


Elite Shungite from Karelia, Russia.

256gm Elite Elite Shungite 650gm

We hope this article helps you on your journey to find more information on this mineral. As always, feel free to email us with any questions.