Shungite and electric car batteries- how they can deplete us.

This a very interesting paper on how Shungite helps to nullify the stressful effects of electric car batteries.

Introduction: Electric vehicles generate strong electromagnetic fields (EMF), which may have adverse health effects. No research has yet addressed whether and how this stress can be countered. Objective: To investigate (a) the impact of EMF on heart rate variability and saliva cortisol and (b) whether a protective device made of shungite may counter stress responses. Materials and Methods: In a pilot study, recordings were taken during a 30-minute test drive at a constant speed and under high EMF burden (electric, magnetic, high frequency) with or without four hidden shungite plaques inside the vehicle. In the main study, this was replicated, and additional study arms tested the duration of EMF exposure (15 min, 45 min) and the number of hidden plates (two). Results: There was a reversal of effects in both studies about the induced stress level. While HRV decreased and cortisol increased in the control condition (no protection), HRV increased, and cortisol decreased in the treatment conditions (shungite) independent of the duration of the EMF exposure and the number of shungite plaques. Conclusion: EMF produced by electric vehicles cause autonomic stress responses on a neurocardiac and neuroendocrine level. These responses can be nullified by a special form of shungite (EssenceX).