What are those ” flaws ” in my Shungite?

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We have been asked many times recently why there appear to be flaws in some Shungite pieces and whether it will affect their ability to work. There is nothing to worry about if you see what looks like flaws in Shungite. These so-called flaws are veins of Pyrite or Quartz that were present when Shungite was forming. They are perfectly natural and show that this Shungite is genuine! Creating a copy of Shungite with these other minerals is impossible. It has been tried, believe me, especially by Crystal dealers in places like China but to no avail. Thank goodness!!Large Shungite Arrowhead Pendant

quartz and Pyrite in Shungite

You will see veins of Pyrite that some people think are cracks but aren’t. You will see white Quartz veins that people think are different flaws, but please understand that this is entirely normal!

When you buy an unpolished piece, you will more than likely see these veins. When the pieces are polished, they are less likely to be seen, but they are still there. When Quartz is present, it can amplify the benefits of Shungite, as it does with every other Crystal it forms with. When Pyrite is present, it can, in our opinion, ” energise ” the Shungite even more, as this is one of Pyrite’s beautiful abilities.

The other thing that may happen to polished pieces is that the coating of polish placed over the Shungite will eventually  ” wear ” off. You may see Pyrite and/or Quartz’s veins more clearly at that time. The Shungite may appear more grey than black, but this is completely normal and natural.

You may see these different Minerals in various pieces, such as – phone plates, Cubes, Flat Stones, Spheres, Pyramids and Jewellery. Any piece can have these in it.
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So the bottom line is when you see these veins, you are lucky because it shows it is genuine, and it enhances Shungite too! We have many customers who ask for pieces with more Pyrite or Quartz, which we love!

We hope this helps unlock the mystery of those so-called ” Flaws.”

We think some of our most beautiful pieces have Pyrite flashes through them; what do you think?