Thank you so much!

Oval Bracelet
Oval Bracelet

I have only had Shungite for two days, and the shift/ change in myself is just remarkable; I’m speechless. I didn’t realise how sensitive and affected I was by my environment til I put Shungite in my home and on myself. I have suffered significantly for a long time and recently even more since the rollout of stronger emf’s. I could not function, couldn’t go out, and would take days to recover. It had become an endless cycle  Now, I feel different, more aligned, peaceful and protected.
I’m so glad I brought the Shungite Energy Mat! I put it under my pillow, and I slept so soundly. I would regularly wake up with heart palpitations and incredibly stressed, already, there is a change in how I sleep.
It is so exciting to finally have a solution to a very stressful, challenging condition.
Thank you, The Shungite Experience, for making this amazing stone available to us and caring so much for people, it has already changed my life.


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