Passion, Knowledge & Commitment


Mark and Laurice own and run ” The Shungite Experience “

I was searching for shungite online and came across the The Shungite Experience ” website. I was very impressed with their user-friendly website; making it easy to check out their extensive range of shungite, crystals, and stones. Their website is beautifully set up with options for creating jewelry combinations using Shungite. When talking with them on the phone their passion, knowledge, and commitment to Shungite were obvious, and their willingness to help in every way possible was very much appreciated. My order was sent immediately and I received it within a very short time. I find their prices to be very competitive, and it felt great to purchase Shungite from people that have a genuine passion and commitment to this amazing stone. I am grateful to have Shungite in my life in the form of a sphere and jewelry that I purchased from Mark and Alex.

Mark and Laurice, I wish you ongoing success with the ‘Shungite Experience’  I really appreciate your friendliness, sincerity, and passion for Shungite.

Thank you both!

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