Ultimate Shungite EMF / Mobile Phone Sticker


The Shungite Phone Sticker has undergone years of testing and is formulated using a combination of Shungite and precious metals for amplification.

Attach the phone sticker to your mobile phone under its case. The sticker will mitigate the EMFs radiated by the cellular connection.

Versatile – You can slip the sticker on the card in the case instead of sticking it to the phone. If you change phones, take the sticker with you!

Suitable for all mobile phones, including all smartphones.  As this is a passive product, there is no impact on the long-term functionality of the device or the service.

Shungite is unique among minerals for its gentle, protective properties. In today’s world, the human biofield can be exposed to much EMF radiation. Electromagnetic radiation exposure around various appliances such as microwave ovens, Wi-Fi routers, computers and virtually all electrical devices inside and outside the home can directly affect our health. Wearing Shungite can help to harmonise your exposure. Because Shungite is diamagnetic, it can reflect harmful electromagnetic radiation; this unique mineral reduces the risk of biofield deformation, helping to enhance your health and well-being and return your biofield to a normal state.


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