What Shungite To Take With You When You Leave Your Home

Large Elite Pendant

Shungite has many benefits for both yourself and your home. This quick article discusses the simple ways to use Shungite when you are out and about in the World! If you choose to carry Shungite with you when leaving your house for its many benefits, here are some options:

                Our first suggestion is always to wear a pendant and bracelet to receive the maximum personal benefits from Shungite:

Shungite Necklace:Amethyst Elite in SS Tear Drop

  • Wearing a shungite necklace lets you keep the stone close to your body, potentially providing grounding and protective effects throughout the day. See here:

Shungite Bracelet:

  • A shungite bracelet can be a stylish way to carry shungite with you and enjoy its potential benefits. It’s a great way to use Shungite on many Meridians that run through our wrists. See here:

Shungite Tumbled Stones:

  • Small tumbled shungite stones can easily fit in your pocket, purse, or bag. They are convenient for carrying and can be held or placed on you when needed. See here:

Shungite KeychainShungite Elite Keyring

  • Some people use a Shungite keychain as a way of helping with EMFs, ensuring that they are always with them when they leave the house. These are also great to have in the car with them, as cars these days cars are filled with EMFs because of the computer parts. See here:

Shungite Pyramid or Sphere:

  • If you have a small shungite pyramid or sphere, you can carry it in a bag or pocket. These shapes have unique energy properties as Pyramids move the energy upwards and outwards in a stronger waveform. See here:

Shungite Phone Sticker or Plate: Seed of Life phone Plate

  • You can attach a Shungite sticker or plate to your smartphone or other electronic devices. It can help mitigate the potential adverse effects of electromagnetic radiation. See here:

Looking for an excellent place to start with Shungite products? Try here:

When choosing what shungite to take with you, selecting a form that you find comfortable and convenient is important. Remember that many people believe in the protective and grounding properties of Shungite; your personal experience with Shungite may vary, so it’s a good idea to complement other self-care practices and not rely solely on it for protection or grounding. Additionally, clean your shungite periodically by wiping it with a damp cloth. Please don’t use any harsh chemicals on your Shungite!

Thank you!