Shungite Powder

Shungite Powder

Shungite powder has many and varied uses. These range from health and beauty to agriculture and construction. In this article, we will focus on exactly what Shungite powder is and how we and many others, including scientists and doctors, have used this wonderful product. We will share theirs and our outcomes and keep things honest, providing any drawbacks we have run into.

Shungite PowderWhat exactly is Shungite powder?

Shungite powder is typically made with special equipment from fragments of Shungite rock. It usually comes as a powder of 1 to 3 microns. It can also be made from Elite Shungite (which is rarer and more expensive). We find Elite Shungite powder to be the most effective.


The paste has the same properties as Shungite stone, i.e. it is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, etc.


One of the prime uses of Shungite powder is to make a paste, sometimes called a poultice. it can assist many skin disorders such as acne, rashes, and inflammation.

Personal experience of using Shungite paste

skinWe have used Shungite paste to treat pain, speed up tissue recovery, and treat skin problems. We use the paste as a compress over the affected area. We will more often make the paste with coconut oil rather than water as it binds the paste, making it easier to apply.
We have found that when treating painful areas, the optimum results are obtained when the compresses are left on for up to 48 hours. ( note this requires the area to be well-wrapped.)

These notes are not designed as a medical treatment; as always, if you have health concerns, you should contact a qualified healthcare practitioner.

Agricultural Uses of Shungite Powder

Shungite powder can be used in the garden to help improve soil quality & thus, crop yield.
It will also help to remove pesticides & heavy metals from the soil & improve moisture retention.


A study of the application of Shungite on plants was carried out in France for over a year by Jean Michael Pasternak and Claude Bernard.
The conclusions show great plant tonicity, more vibrant colours, significant growth, and an accumulative resistance to blight and dryness.
Remarkable results were obtained using Shungite on fruit trees, whether they were young or mature, fruit-bearing trees.
The better root system in the plants led to a reinforcement of natural defences, giving very good resistance to parasites and improved growth.

Water and powder

waterShungite powder is used in water purification with great results. In Russia, it has been used for many years in metropolitan filtration systems. In household areas, it is found inside water purification cartridges. The water is run through the powder at high pressure, which allows most contaminants to be collected by the powder, thus purifying the water. Please see the link below for the Scientific Research Paper on Shungite and Water.



We hope you have found this helpful on your journey to discovering the many benefits of Shungite Powder. We have covered the areas that we know about and have used ourselves, but there are many more ways that Shungite can be used! Stay tuned as we will keep updating you.

The Team @ The Shungite Experience.