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different shungite shapes

There are three main shapes that Shungite is made into, with a few extra variations as well! The most common are Pyramids, Spheres and Cubes. You can also find Eggs, Harmonizers, Tiles, Stands and Massage Wands. All of these shapes are made from Type 2 Shungite which is easily polished and has a beautiful lustre when finished. This blog will give you an idea of the various uses of each shape.

The Shapes and their Characteristics

Pyramids8cm Unpolished Pyramid

Shungite Pyramids are one of the 3 shapes that can be used in a variety of ways. Pyramids emit a strong energy vibration which will carry it’s influenced longer distances. It is because of its shape that this happens. It’s not a surprise that pyramids are our biggest seller!

The pyramid detailed below is the classic Giza pyramid shape from Egypt. We also stock “tall ” or Nubian shaped pyramids that have a much greater mass than the Giza shaped pyramids. It is suggested that the influence range of these Nubian shaped pyramids is about 1.5 times more than the Giza shaped pyramid.

Shungite Shape and Size (mm) Influence Range (approx.)

Tall Pyramids

      Giza Shaped Pyramids ( Ordinary )

      Pyramid 50mm 2.1-2.3 metres

     Pyramid 60mm 2.5-2.7 metres

     Pyramid 80mm 3.5-3.9 metres

     Pyramid 100mm 5.0-5.4 metres


Shungite Polished Sphere

Spheres radiate energy in all directions and can be placed in the middle of a room so they will cover a greater area. Shungite Spheres bring balance and harmony to any area they are placed in. Shungite spheres are similar in shape to our vital field, this is why they seem to have a  greater harmonising effect on our energetic body. Shungite Spheres emit a gentle and more uniform energy field which is perfect for places like your bedroom or living areas. We suggest a 6cm Sphere beside your bed or even under your bed to bring a deep and restful sleep. Small spheres are often used as Harmonizers for meditation also.


Shungite Shape and Size (mm) Influence Range (approx.)

Sphere – 40mm 2.0 metres

Sphere – 50mm 2.7 metres

Sphere – 60mm 3.6 metres

Sphere – 80mm 6.6 metres

Sphere – 100mm 12.0 metres

CubesShungite Polished Cube

Cubes are often used in areas that need grounding, such as Pole Homes or homes on steep hills. They are solid and very connected to the Earth and so help to ground your home if needed. Placing a Shungite Cube in the corners of a room grounds the energy in that room. You can also place cubes on the 4 corners of your property to help with any negative energy that may be present. Their vibration is carried a shorter distance than both the Sphere or Pyramid but they are still wonderful tools. They are especially good for using on your WIFI router to help lessen the effects of harmful EMF’s. They have a greater volume per size and this seems to make them the best we have found for EMF protection.


Shungite Polished Egg

Shungite Eggs also emit a beautiful soft energy that is perfect for general harmonising of rooms such as bedrooms etc. They are said to help us connect to the Life Force around us. You can also use these to meditate with and pair them with other crystals as a Harmoniser Set.

Shungite Shape and Size (mm) Influence Range (approx.)

Egg – 40mm 2.0 metres

Egg– 50mm 2.7 metres

Egg – 60mm 3.6 metres

Egg – 80mm 6.6 metres

Egg– 100mm 12.0 metres

Shungite Harmoniser Set

Shungite Harmoniser Set


These harmonizers are generally used as aids in meditation. They have been used as far back as Egyptian times. These come as one Shungite Cylinder matched with a variety of different crystals, most commonly Soapstone but you can also find them in Selenite, Jade and Amethyst.

Meditation with Shungite

Shungite has fantastic grounding properties. Meditating with a set of Shungite Harmoniser’s can help restore balance to your auric field by dispersing overactivity of the higher chakras while stimulating the lower ones. We find these absolutely wonderful to meditate with and the feedback from our customers confirms this! You seem to just relax and let go when you hold these amazing pieces. Try them and let us know what you think!

Shungite tiles

FOL Shungite Tile

Shungite Tiles are either square or oblong and are great to use to help for a variety of things from EMF protection to helping to keep your fruit/veg fresher for longer in your fridge. We even use one in our cars to help with EMF emissions. They are a very versatile shape.


Shungite Stands

Shungite Large Stand RoughSince Shungite never needs to be cleaned and doesn’t take on any negativity, using a Shungite stand for your Crystals is a brilliant way to keep them clean and balanced. You can simply place them on the stand for a period of time or use it permanently, it’s up to you.

Shungite Massage Wands

Rounded Shungite Massage WandShungite massage wands are used by therapists in their practices to help with either Energetic work or bodywork. Once again, the balancing effects of Shungite can greatly enhance their work. As Shungite does not need cleansing this is also beneficial.



Platonic Solids

Platonic Solid Set

Platonic Solids are shapes that form part of Sacred Geometry. They were first catalogued by the ancient philosopher, Plato (hence their name), although evidence of these most magical shapes has been found around the world for in excess of 1,000 years prior to Plato’s documentation.

They are made up of the ‘Five Convex Regular Polyhedra’: Hexahedron (cube), the Octahedron (double inverted pyramid), a Tetrahedron (pyramid), Icosahedron and Dodecahedron. The names are derived from the number of sides each shape has: 4, 6, 8, 12, and 20 respectively.

The first four shapes correspond with the elements: earth (hexahedron), air (octahedron), fire (tetrahedron) and water (Icosahedron), with the fifth, dodecahedron, representing heaven, ether or the Universe.

The shapes that form the five original Platonic Solids occur naturally in nature, and indeed in the crystal world. Working with them individually is said to help with our connection to nature and the higher realms of the cosmos; to find the common pattern which links us all at a molecular as well as at a spiritual level.

Different Uses for different shapes


WiFi Routers

We use a small cube to help harmonise EMF’s emitting from our router. We determined where the internal antennae were and then place the cube on top of it. By testing with an EMF detector we saw a huge difference in the emissions. This happens without any loss of WIFI network usability.

Electrical Meter Boxes and Smart Meters

Another area of your home that can have EMF emissions quite strongly. You can place either a pyramid or a cube inside the box to help harmonise this area.

Cordless Phones

Cordless phones emit very high EMF  pollution. Shungite can be very effective in balancing this. The base that your phone sits on is the worst area and so a Shungite Tile is perfect to use. Simply place your stand and phone on a tile to harmonise the emissions.

Shungite shapes are a versatile and very useful tool to have in your home. We have them placed in most rooms around our home and find them to be very effective in keeping the space harmonious.

We hope you have found this article useful and that you can begin to use Shungite shapes to bring balance and harmony to your home. You can also place them in and around your home as ornaments or just to bring beauty to any area!

All ranges are based on the objects being placed in a “neutral” area. If the Shungite is placed in an area of disturbance the emanation will be reduced slightly. The above tables are from the book “Shungite: Protection, Healing, and Detoxification” by Regina Martino.

The Team @ The Shungite Experience

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