How To Cleanse Your Crystals

Rose Quartz

Many people go to great lengths to clean their homes, clothes and themselves, yet forget to cleanse their Crystals! Once you learn about the different methods you can use to clean your stones, you can do it regularly to keep them full of positive energy.

Cleansing with Shungite

Shungite never needs cleansing as it doesn’t take on any negative energy. Shungite has the wonderful ability to harmonise the energy it comes into contact with or just the space it sits in. Therefore, it can’t take on anything negative. This is just another amazing attribute of this ancient crystal! You can also cleanse and balance other crystals by placing them on or near a piece of Shungite!  We have many of our  Crystal Spheres that are placed on Shungite Stands, which helps them stay clean and balanced. We also put some of our other smaller Crystals on these stands to cleanse them; it’s an easy way to keep your special Crystals harmonised.

There are various methods that you can use to cleanse your other Crystals, some of which we have listed below. Experiment with different methods to see what feels right for you!

Smudging with Sage

Cleansing crystals by smudging them is easy. So, how do you smudge crystals? The most potent smudge to use is white sage.

It is possible to buy smudge sticks ready-made in a smudging stick, or you can use loose sage leaves.

It is easy to buy in most places, and the smudge sticks are made of either white sage alone or mixed with lavender.

Some may have other fragrant herbs in them as well, and some of these may also have healing attributes that could benefit you. Sage smoke is powerful to cleanse both your stones and the environment where they live.

You can do this one of two ways. You can hold the stones close to the stream of smoke or hold your smudge stick near where they are sitting so the air around them is full of the sage essence.

Crystal Singing Bowls

There are two ways to do this. If the stones are small, you may put them into the crystal singing bowl.

For bigger items, place them close to the bowl, then play the bowl for a few minutes. Crystal bowl music is very powerful, and the sounds emitted by the bowl will resonate throughout the room; each bowl has a different note and vibration, adding to the cleansing of your Crystals. As the strong vibration of the pure crystalline sound of your crystal singing bowl fills the crystals, it will drive out any negative energy. The sound will lift the vibration of any of your crystals close by, and the room will also be filled with good vibrations. This is one of our favourite methods for cleansing larger crystals, especially ones that can’t be placed on our Shungite!

Salt Water

Suitable crystals can be left to soak in seawater or water mixed with sea salt. Cooking salt can also be used if sea salt/water is unavailable. You should fill a glass bowl (not metal) about half to one-third and place your crystals in the salt water for between 1 and 24 hours.ocean Many people leave them in salt water overnight, but a crystal that needs a deeper and more thorough cleansing can be left for up to 1 week. You should thoroughly rinse your crystals in cool running water after spending time in salt water to remove any remaining salt.  After use, the salt water must be flushed away and never re-used because it will have absorbed negative and unwanted energies. Saltwater cleansing is considered one of the best and most thorough ways to cleanse crystals. Still, please be aware that this method must be avoided for certain crystals as it can hurt them and even change their appearance and properties!  Stones that should not be soaked in salt water include porous crystals, contain metal or have a water content, for example, Opal. Stones and minerals that should be kept away from salt include Pyrite, Lapis Lazuli, Opal, Hematite, etc.


Crystal Druse Geode or Cluster

All crystals can be cleansed safely by placing them inside an Amethyst Geode Cave overnight or for 24-48 hours.  An Amethyst Druse, Cluster, or Bed can also be used similarly.  A Clear Quartz Geode, Bed or Cluster provides a faster cleansing process than Amethyst, but both methods are equally effective.  Place no more than a few crystals onto the crystal points and leave for anything up to 24-48 hours.  These crystal cluster formations (both Amethyst and Quartz) can absorb the energies contained within crystals, neutralise the energies and then release ‘good’ energy from the cluster back into the crystals being cleansed so they can effectively cleanse and energise simultaneously.

Sunlight or Moonlight sun and moon

The natural energies transmitted by the Sun and Moon can also energise your crystals with natural energies.  Many people like to leave their newly cleansed stones under Moonlight and Sunlight for a day or two to allow them to absorb the different energies from the Moon and Sun.  The Sun provides a stronger energy, whereas the Moon has a more gentle energy. When leaving crystals in Sunlight, please be aware that some coloured stones may fade over a period of time if left in strong sunlight too often. This can happen with Amethyst, for example. In this case, try not to leave your crystals in strong sun for more than an hour or so.  To be safe, place in sunlight during sunrise and/or sunset because the sun’s rays won’t be as strong during these times.

We hope this is helpful and that you find what feels right for you and your Crystals!

As always, if we can help in any way, please let us know.

The Team @ The Shungite Experience