How to use Shungite in your home.


For many years we have provided a floorplan to our Customers, to show them the ideal places to use Shungite. This is a small article for you to review to make it easier to work with Shungite once you have purchased it.

You don’t need to place a piece of Shungite in every area indicated on the plan; start with the areas you use the most, such as bedrooms and living areas, and then add to them as you wish.

We have kits that we brought to our Customers in 2020 to help take the guesswork out of different rooms, etc. You can find them HERE :

The main Shungite shapes that we use for our homes are :

Pyramids: Perfect for high EMF areas. Find them HERE:

Spheres: Perfect for Bedrooms. Find them HERE:

Cubes: Perfect for WiFi routers and computers. Find them HERE:

Tiles: Perfect for your mobile phones. Find them HERE:


different shungite shapes




floor plan