Metaphysical Properties of Shungite

Shungite Heart

If Truth is important to you, you may feel strongly attracted to Shungite.

Below you will find some ideas and interpretations on Shungite and its Metaphysical meanings that we have found to be true for us. We are sharing what we have found to be true, in the hope that it can be beneficial to you in your exploration into the world of Shungite.

General meanings

Of all the crystals we have worked with, Shungite has the greatest potential to interact with the human bio-energetic field. As always, you need to be open and allow the connection at all times, but when you are, Shungite will readily converse with your body.

Sitting with Shungite, feeling into it and allowing the natural interaction to take place between you and the stone, will lead you to a place of feeling safe and feeling like you have returned home. There always seems to be a grounding energy that is associated with this amazing stone. When you allow it, Shungite aligns with where you are and then brings balance and harmony to your situation. Much has been written about Shungite’s cleansing and purification abilities on the physical level, which we think can also be true metaphysically. Because Shungite dispels negativity we feel lighter and more positive when using it. Placing Shungite near the heart has a wonderful soothing effect at the time when you might be stressed. When you are relaxed, it can tend to make you feel a subtle sense of excitement, leading you to a brighter outlook. This makes sense since the heart generates the strongest Electric field of any part of the body and Shungite will interact with this in a very noticeable way.

We know that Shungite works well to harmonize EMF emissions and so both in your emotional and physical body you can experience benefits. We have much Shungite in our home and while we are far from perfect and still experience many ups and downs, we seem to be protected and guided to come back to the Truth.

There is of course, absolute truth and then there is our own truth, things which we perceive to be true at the time but later turn out to be “fixed ideas”. Shungite can sometimes seem to support fixed ideas as truth, but what is really happening is we are being offered an opportunity to find the awareness that is needed to move past these fixed ideas.

Shungite and other crystals

Shungite seems to work in harmony with many other crystals, mostly because it brings us back to a natural state of well-being which allows more good to occur. We haven’t encountered any difficulties when combining Shungite and a large variety of other crystal as a part of any meditation we do, Below are our experiences when we work together with these combinations.

Shungite/ Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz has the amazing ability to be programmed with your intentions. It helps us to direct our energies to what we want and how to get there. Clear Quartz always strengthens any crystal it works with and so does Shungite, so you can see why this combination is so powerful. Program your Clear Quartz to work with Shungite and the path will become clearer and in balance, with minimal negativity.


Carnelian is a creative, energetic stone that really adds vitality to your ideas and direction. When combined with Shungite’s balancing and harmonious energy it really helps to give you the action needed to forge ahead with new ideas but keeps you grounded and in balance, so you don’t run off the rails!

Shungite/ Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is the stone of Love. Not love in the romantic sense but a love of yourself first and then the other person. It brings a calming presence into any situation and opens our hearts and emotions. When working together with Shungite, you will feel the harmony that Shungite brings and see the balance that is needed when our hearts and emotions are involved.

Shungite /Amethyst

Amethyst is said to be aligned to the Violet Rays, a very high vibration that can help us to reach our Spiritual potential. Working with both of these stones helps us to ground the higher energies into our physical world. Both stones bring harmony and balance, so each enhances the other to bring peace and calm.

Shungite/Blue Calcite

Blue Calcite helps us to speak our Truth, which combines with Shungite’s character of the stone of Truth. A very powerful crystal combination indeed! Blue Calcite is good to work with if you need help finding your direction on your chosen path. What better stone than Shungite to bring balance and harmony to you at this time.

We hope you find this article to be helpful.

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