All About Our Exclusive Elite Shungite Products

Elite Pendant

We know lots of our Customers are curious about how we make our beautiful and exclusive Elite Pendants and Bracelets, so we thought we would give you a quick idea of how we could work with Elite when so many people say it can’t be done!

Firstly, we can offer these amazing pendants and bracelets because of our extraordinary artisans. They spent over three years working with Elite before they perfected their technique, and we started offering them to our Customers. So many times, the designs didn’t work, and the Elite fell apart, but they persisted and finally found a way to craft Shungite into these divine jewellery pieces. To say that they are perfectionists is a significant understatement! You would be amazed to see the workshop and the discarded pieces!

Sterling Silver Elite Pendant
We know that there are some retailers out there in Shungite Land that say you can’t shape Elite, which is valid to some extent. You can’t shape it into Pyramids, Spheres, etc, but you can carefully and gently work with it to make these incredible Shungite jewellery pieces. It does take dedication and a commitment to the highest quality, also being prepared only to give our customers what we know will be an excellent piece of jewellery that hopefully will last many years! When you browse our Exclusive Shungite products, remember that creating these pieces has taken years of experimentation and learning. They aren’t just thrown together, hoping they can be sold to make money. We want to create some beautiful Shungite pieces to make it easy for people to wear Shungite and benefit from its unique qualities!


We understand that it’s not always possible for everyone to purchase high-end pieces. This is why we are working to create some special pieces in the mid-price range, such as our Metatron Etched pendant, which you can find here :

Metatron Pendant






You can find all of our Exclusive Products here :

It is exciting to bring these exceptional pieces of Shungite Jewellery to the public, and we are so grateful to the Craftspeople who work to perfect their skills and allow us to showcase Elite Shungite in all its beauty!