Genuine Elite Shungite Powder

Hi folks,

We thought we would give you some info on Elite Shungite powder as it can be hard to tell if you are receiving 100% Elite. Sometimes what you think is Elite powder can have plain Type 2 Shungite added to it as a way to plump it out and spend less to make it. This is a shame as you are not receiving what you think.

We started making our own Elite Shungite Powder back in 2017. We wanted to buy Elite powder but it wasn’t available from our Russian Suppliers. We decided to experiment and find a way to make our own and then we would know for certain that it contained nothing but Elite Shungite. After many trials and breakages, we found a way to make 100% pure Elite Shungite Powder. We love producing it as we like to give our customers genuine products and know that what we sell is what we say it is.

When you receive Elite Powder, you should see tiny microns of silver through it. It is much shinier and sparkly ( for want of a better word! ) than plain type 2 powder. Type 2 powder is completely black with no silver in it at all. You can see the difference between plain powder and elite powder in the pictures below.

Elite Shungite Powder


Shungite Powder


When purchasing Elite powder always check and make sure it has the silver specks through it- this is the easiest way to confirm you are actually buying real Elite powder!

Follow this link to purchase pure 100% genuine Elite Shungite Powder.

Hope you have found this helpful in your search