Uncertain Times and Shungite Supplies

Can we still import Shungite from Russia?

The Government has now added a 35% surcharge to all of the products all people import from Russia.

The short answer is YES but there is no certainty that it will continue like this. We have had to discontinue our discounts because the prices we are now paying for shipping from Russia have doubled and Shungite prices will rise dramatically in the near future. These will possibly return to normal when the war ends but there is no certainty.

At this time we are still able to import Shungite from our Suppliers in Russia. We have been in close contact with them in recent times and have been lucky enough to have purchased 2 very big lots of Shungite from them just before the conflict started. Our suppliers are suffering as they can not run their businesses and so are in very uncertain times. We know these people very well and know they don’t support what is happening in Ukraine but they feel powerless to stop it. We are supporting the Ukrainian people in our own small way by donating to various organisations that are on the ground there. We will continue to do this whilst also trying to keep the supply chain open with our suppliers. We have an abundant stock of Shungite in our warehouse at the moment and so will have no trouble servicing our customer’s needs in the foreseeable future.

We hope this awful war will be stopped in the shortest possible time with the least amount of suffering.

We have donated to a couple of organisations that you can see below :



Thank you for your ongoing support of our business and we hope to continue working with Shungite for many more years!

The Shungite Experience Family