Your Home and Shungite


We have lots of enquiries about how to use Shungite in your home. There are endless ways and possibilities available and only limited by your imagination and budget! Each room of your home can benefit with Shungite in it. You can have more than one piece or shape also. We decided to give you some of our ideas for optimal benefits when using Shungite in each area of your home. These are only our ideas and guidelines, please use them as a place to start exploring Shungite and its beautiful energy! You can add pieces along the way, move them around in your home and even use them outside your property to grid it with Shungite rock! So many uses it’s hard to start but see below for our ideas.

Shungite in your bedrooms:Bedroom

We always suggest adding a 6cm Sphere to your bedside tables. We find this is the easiest way to harmonise around yourself and your bed. If you have an electrical box or meter on the wall outside your bedroom we would also suggest a pyramid, maybe 8cm, on the wall closest to the meter. This provides an extra layer of protection and harmony to your bedroom.


Shungite in Baby or Children’s rooms:Baby's room

We believe having a tile under your baby’s cot is brilliant. Really helps with harmonising around them. You can also add a flat stone under either their pillow or mattress for some extra help. When kids get older try a sphere on a set of cupboards, something out of reach maybe or a cube will work well also.



Shungite and your livingroom:Livingroom

Depending on the size and style of your living, tv or family rooms you can add either a large sphere, which works well in an open-plan room or a Pyramid that gives a slightly stronger effect. We suggest maybe an 8 -10 cm sphere or Pyramid. Put these on things like a coffee table, TV unit or sideboard, whichever suits your area.


Shungite in the Kitchen:Kitchen

We think having a Shungite Tall pyramid on a kitchen bench is brilliant. We spend lots of time in our kitchen and it is an open plan so this provides extra protection and harmony for the whole area! Depending on your kitchen area probably a 6 – 8cm pyramid would be good.


Shungite in your Dining Room:Dining room

We have a large Pyramid or Sphere on our dining table. It looks fabulous and helps with balance and harmony while we are eating. Once again, depends on your room size but 8 – 10cm would be our suggestion.


Shungite in your Laundry or Bathrooms:Bathroom

It’s not necessary to have Shungite in either of these areas but you can if you feel like it. Some people have plants in these rooms and others don’t, we feel the same about Shungite. Of course, they will lift the energy of these rooms but it’s totally up to you if you want or need to have Shungite there!



We also think it’s fabulous to place Shungite rock around the perimeter of your land. You can bury it or just leave it out in the open, whichever you prefer. You can also landscape with it or add it to your garden beds. So many wonderful ideas for outside use of Shungite, see our blog here for ideas! Garden edges






We hope you’ve found some ideas on how to use Shungite in and around your home, feel free to email with any questions and we’ll get back to you asap!