Our new garden and Shungite

We have spent the major part of last year renovating both inside and outside. We are very blessed to beGarden edges able to do this. While planning our new decks and gardens we decided to incorporate Shungite into the gardens as much as possible. We have laid new turf and added fruit trees and veggie patches as well as a herb garden. Below are some of the benefits and ways we used Shungite to complement our new project.

Research on the benefits of Shungite and agriculture both for home and commercial uses has been ongoing for many years. You can read about it in Regina Martino’s Book – Shungite – Protection, Healing, and Detoxification – she refers to a French study by Jean Michael Pasternak and Claude Bernard about the benefits of shungite for plants. The tests they carried out showed greater tonicity in plants, as well as more vibrant colour, significant growth, and accumulated resistance to blight and dryness.

Shungite also absorbs and neutralizes harmful chemicals, such as residues from herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, and other harmful substances. This seems to be made possible by the fullerenes present in Shungite( being hollow molecules ) which attract these substances.

Shungite and fruit trees :

Lemon treeWe have planted some fruit trees and flowering plums, crab apples, etc, and are adding shungite rock to the soil as well as watering them with shungite water. I read with interest in the above book that remarkable results have been obtained whether your trees are young or mature so I will keep this updated!

Flower beds: Another part of the project is planting new flower beds. I look forward to seeing these bloom with the help of our Shungite!





Herb Garden: So the other area we are looking into adding Shungite is in our Herb Garden. We hope to see a larger yield as well as a great amount of growth and healthier plants generally. I will keep this updated also!




New Turf: We add new turf to our project and when preparing the soil, we added Shungite powder to enhance the growth. We weren’t disappointed! We now have a beautiful lawn where once we only had weeds!


Below are some of the ratios we used when adding shungite. I’ve also researched the way other people are using Shungite in their gardens and the below information is a representation of both.


Russian applications recommend enhancing soil fertility by using 10 grams of shungite powder per square meter.

Water: recommendations from the above book – prepare 3 days in advance, add 5 liters of water to a bucket with 1 – 1.5 kg of shungite rock on the bottom. Use this water directly on your plants.

Substrates: using shungite powder- add 1 Kg per cubic meter.

We hope this article helps you to find ways to add Shungite to both your gardens and your home.

Stay safe and well!