Why is there rust on my Elite Shungite?

Elite on Matrix

So, we have been asked this question many times over the years….Why does my Elite Shungite have rust on its surface?        Elite on Matrix

Well, firstly, it is not rust as some people are claiming! It is actually called Jarosite.

I thought I would clear up this misinformation as it seems to be circulating around some other Shungite supplier’s websites. Below is an example that really worries me as it simply is not true!

“What is rust? Pretty simply, rust is oxidation of a material. In this case, due to the high amount of iron ore found in the soils in Karelia the rust is due to the iron ore oxidation from the soil lying adjacent to the Shungite. The Shungite is not rusting, it is the material on it or near it. Typically, the rust forms into material that is a yellow/orange colour.”

So as far as we have learned, from many reliable sources, the rust-like flakes that are Ocre-coloured and are sometimes present on Elite Shungite are a basic sulfate of Iron formed from the oxidation of  Pyrite. It is from the Pyrite, not the soil that the Jarosite is formed.  As you may be aware all Shungite can have veins of Pyrite running through it because Pyrite was present in the same area where the Shungite formed. When Pyrite is exposed to air it then oxidises. You can see the Pyrite veins running through all of the 3 types of Shungite. It is only when the Pyrite is exposed to air that it becomes Jarosite or oxidized Pyrite.

When we send out your larger pieces of Elite Shungite we carefully take off as much Jarosite as we can without damaging the Elite. Some people ask for the Jarosite to be left on as it is a naturally occurring part of Shungite. It is harmless but sometimes worries people as they think it is dirt or some other pollutant. 158gm Elite

When you see these flakes of Jarosite it is actually showing you that the Elite Shungite is authentic! There is no way to “fake” these as they can only occur naturally so if you see them in your Elite Shungite you have another way to authenticate it!

Hope this helps to clear up your questions on those little flakes of Jarosite!