Why choose us for your Shungite?

Collectors Elite

We wanted to write a quick blog to give some FACTS about our business and what’s important to us, as there seem to be some misconceptions being marketed as truth by some people in our industry. When I sat down to write this, I was saddened to learn that some people say and do things that are just not true. I can’t change other people’s actions; all I can do is stay on the Path we have always been on, which is to be honest and hold our values and standards above all else.

We are an Australian business, we support other Australian businesses, and all the money you spend with us goes back into the Australian economy. Buy Aussie and support Aussie businesses, please! We are so grateful for the amazing support we have received over the past 10 years and look forward to many more years serving the Australian public with authentic Shungite.

Below are some reasons why you should choose us for your Shungite needs.

   1 – We value Integrity and Honesty as our highest goals. This transfers into all of our dealings with both Customers and Suppliers. This equals you being able to trust us completely. We’ve been here since 2013, so you know this to be true. If we say we have the largest range and best prices in Australia – we do – we don’t pretend.

 2 –  We have been the Leaders in innovation with Shungite since we first opened. Some would even say the Trendsetters. See below some of the many items we designed and brought to market.

Elite Pendants – we started producing these in our Studio in 2016 – Russian wholesalers/retailers saw their value and copied them 🙂

Shungite Kits – we started these during early 2020 ( as the first wave of the pandemic hit ) as a way for people to receive more value and to make it easier to know what they need to buy. These have since become commonplace in the wider Shungite market.

Elite Shungite powder – yes, we were the first to produce Elite powder, and we still make ours right here in our studio. Once again, this is common in many retailers.

Super large Elite or Collectors Pieces –  we imported our first pieces in 2016. We made our first sale of a Collector’s piece in December 2019. We have since sold many pieces of absolutely stunning Elite at amazing prices in January 2021, May 2021 and November 2021, to name a few dates.  We have a huge range right now, with many more pieces about to go on the website in 2022.

Shungite jewellery paired with other Crystals. Yep, we started doing this in 2016. We also made Shungite with Sterling Silver, which is now very common in the marketplace. We are the ONLY retail and producer of exclusive Elite Shungite bracelets that are paired with stunning crystals. Each piece is handmade by Mark in his Studio –  Innovators again for you, our customers.

  3 – We have joined with another amazing Australian person to produce some never-before-seen products arriving in our store next year. These are all Australian-made and produced right here. We stand by our beliefs and values to bring you the highest quality products we can make here. You will be stunned and amazed at what we are bringing to you!

– We sell to many countries- New Zealand, USA, Canada, UK, Malaysia and Hong Kong! Trusted worldwide.

These are some reasons we feel we are the best Shungite Retailer in Australia. We were the FIRST Australian online shop to sell Shungite to the Australian public, and we are still the biggest. We can always be contacted by email, in your timezone, and we are happy to give advice when asked.

Thank you for supporting our business!