Certificate of Authenticity

certificate of Auth

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For your peace of mind and to ease any worries you may experience, we have attached a couple of our Certificates of Authenticity below. We receive this, as do all suppliers and retailers of Shungite in Australia, from our Russian Wholesalers. You can also find this in our Information section.

Interesting facts to note: Faces of Shungite

  • Hazards identification – none (not detected).

  • First-aid measures – no toxic effects on the body have been found.

  • Flammability: with difficulty.

  • No emergencies were experienced.

  • Handling and storage – no special requirements.

  • Rules and measures to ensure the safety of personnel – no special requirements

Shungite is a remarkably inert and stable compound with no known adverse effects on the body. Shungite is authentic when sourced from the Zazhoginsky Deposit in Karelia, Russia.

Our Shungite products are made of authentic Shungite that we import directly from the Zazhoginsky deposit in Karelia, Russia.  We guarantee all of our products are 100% genuine.

Several organizations offer certification for Shungite.

These include the :

  • Russian Institute of Geology of the Russian Academy of Sciences
  • Karelian Geology Research Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

The certificate of origin guarantees that all products are 100% genuine.


We suggest purchasing from a trusted supplier, such as THE SHUNGITE EXPERIENCE, as we have been importing and retailing genuine Shungite since 2013, unlike some who have only been importing for a few years. Experience in this Industry is very important, as is honesty and transparency. We strive to deliver both and have done so since 2013.

If you purchase from Russian Suppliers, you may sometimes encounter difficulties. We handle these problems for you, freeing you from worrying about foreign currency, expensive freight options and the 40%  import tariff the government now charges.