Shungite Kits Australia – where they started and what’s available!

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Below, you will find some helpful information on Shungite Kits, everything from where they started to what is available in the marketplace and how to use them. We hope this helps you choose what suits you and your lifestyle! We have over 20 different Kits for you – we hope this covers all your needs!

  • Who introduced Shungite kits to Australia, and when? ……..We did, even though others may suggest they did 🙁  ….. ” We introduced Shungite kits to Australia to bring down the price of Shungite “ is from another retailer’s website and is incorrect! We are a little miffed that another retailer would take credit for our ideas, but that’s Life sometimes! When the pandemic struck, there was a massive call for Shungite. ( This was when more and more Shungite retailers started their businesses) We decided that people could use some help with what and how to use all the different pieces, so we bundled together many different pieces of Shungite and discounted them. We wanted to give you a great choice, and the customer feedback was terrific! We were ecstatic that we were able to help people on their Shungite journey! This was way back in 2020. Since then, we have kept growing our Kits Collection, making it easier for you to share the many benefits Shungite can offer!



  • What’s available in Shungite Kits now? …….. We currently have over 20 kits in our online shop, and more are coming! Shungite Water Australia | Genuine Shungite Water Australia OnlineWe have everything from Water Kits to complete Household kits! HouseWe have some brilliant Personal Protection Kits and even Office or Car Kits! It makes it much easier to find what you need and save money! We are always open to any suggestions you might have!



  • How do I know which kit to choose? …… We understand it can be overwhelming trying to sort through the massive number of products on the marketplace! There can also be some disinformation around too, which is not helpful. We pride ourselves on being upfront and honest at all times. When we suggest something to a customer, it’s not to make money from them; it’s always our priority to assist and inform them. We try categorising our kits into easy-to-find products for your needs. We suggest you start with a personal protection kit and then a home starter kit. This will give you a great base to see how you feel with Shungite in your life. You can add to the items from there if you want to progress. There is no need to spend a fortune when you are just starting! Please ask us for help, and we will gladly advise you.


  • Where do I place Shungite in my Home? ……………. Shungite House PlanMany years ago, we produced a diagram showing the ideal placements for all the shapes and types of Shungite pieces. It’s not mandatory but has excellent ideas for you to work with. It’s a great place to start and see what works for you! The basics are a Sphere beside or under your bed, a Cube on your WiFi Router and a Pyramid in your Lounge/Family area. This is the perfect start in your home! You can add a Shungite Energy Mat for its various uses – Laptop EMF protection, Water enhancement, under your pillow for better sleep, grounding and energy balance if you sit or lie with it. The possibilities are endless, and we are very proud of our contribution to bringing this into the market!



  • Shungite Personal Protection Kit, What are they? …… We introduced these as our first kit over 4 years ago. They have and are still one of our most popular kits! These make it incredibly easy to start your Shungite Journey and work wonderfully to help balance your energy. They help mitigate EMFs and other potentially harmful emissions we encounter daily. You can wear a bracelet, carry a stone and mitigate EMFs on your mobile. These are a great place to start!




We hope you have found some information that will be helpful to you as you navigate the world at the moment! Shungite, in our opinion, is an incredible mineral that has the potential to help us all on our pathway to optimal health and well-being.

Email us if you need help; we will happily answer your questions!