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Premium Imported Russian Elite Shungite Powder!

We are so excited to be able to bring to you, our Customers, the most amazing new Elite powder on the market! We are importing this direct from the inventors in Russia, with no middlemen involved! These people are dedicated professionals whose work is patented and genuine. We take no credit for their work and don’t pretend or infer it is our ” Shungite Experience Elite Powder “. It is because of their hard work and genius that this product has come into the world.

Let us tell you a little about it – direct from them.

” We have been trying to extract as many useful properties from shungite as possible to get the most out of what nature gives us. And we did it! We have created, without exaggeration, a unique product that allows you to use the full power of the healing mineral as efficiently as possible.
In practice, everything is much more complicated. We invented a special ELITE MILL, received a patent and developed a technology that allows us to produce elite shungite of submicron fractions with biocidal properties. We named our product “Amelia”. Gentle and hardworking. And indeed, it is.

The powder is intended for the preparation of drinking “shungite water”. With it, you can cook food, rinse your mouth, use it for inhalation and compresses, or drink. Such water has biocidal properties, but that’s not all. Shungite contains fullerene, the most powerful currently known antioxidant, hundreds and thousands of times superior to all others. The submicron particle size allows you to create special compounds with water molecules and enter the human circulatory system through capillaries, where Amelia demonstrates miracles of diligence, collecting and removing “toxins” throughout the body, simultaneously saturating the cells with macro- and microelements that are in its composition.”

Unique technology – produced on our own equipment using our own patented technology.

Micron fraction – particle size less than 1 micron. It is a hundred times thinner than human hair and five times thinner than a human capillary. This size allows powder particles to interact with various structures at the cellular level.

Area of interaction. With a decrease in particle size, the area of contact with the medium (for example, water) increases proportionally. It is thousands of times greater than ordinary, even very small fractions. The area of interaction between water and ordinary stone is simply negligible in comparison.

Finely ground shungite “opens up”. Indeed, all the useful trace elements of the mineral are rich income out. What was hidden inside the rock is exposed, and what has not yet interacted with either air or water. The cleanest and most efficient.

We remove everything harmful. Shungite contains useful substances and something that absolutely cannot be used. These are salts of heavy metals. They are not only dangerous in themselves but also contain radionuclides. They accumulate all the dirt and radiation. Our patented technology ensures that these impurities are removed.

We remove the heterogeneity. We obtain a stable composition of the powder, regardless of the specific deposit and the structure of a particular mineral.

Enriched with fullerene. Our powder contains more fullerene carbon than the original mineral. At the same time, all useful microelements are preserved, and their amount corresponds to the permitted European standards.

The mineral complex that remains in the shungite powder of our production includes almost all trace elements necessary for the human body, including rare ones.

Manufactured in strict accordance with approved specifications.

Russian Certificate of Conformity for the product

Biocidal meaning –
biocide is defined in European legislation as a chemical substance or microorganism intended to destroy, deter, render harmless, or control any harmful organism. The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) uses a slightly different definition for biocides “a diverse group of poisonous substances including preservatives, insecticides, disinfectants, and pesticides used for the control of organisms that are harmful to human or animal health or that cause damage to natural or manufactured products”. When compared, the two definitions roughly imply the same, although the US EPA definition includes plant protection products and some veterinary medicines. Read more here from Wikipedia. 
This amazing product has this ability and more.
Water Information with this product:
Once again a little information from the inventors of this powder in relation to water purification: Water splash
” Water, as a finely structured substance, plays a crucial role in a living cell and throughout the body. Water, quite possibly, is the main receptor, the main “receiver” of what is happening in the external environment.
Shungite Water Filters:
Studies have shown that the filtrate cannot be used until 4-5 volumes of purified water pass through the shungite layer. The contact time with water should be at least 10-15 hours. However, almost all designs of existing household filters provide a connection to a water tap or recommend a filtration rate of 1-2 litres/min with internal volumes of these cleaners of 1 litre. At this rate of water pumping, the filter cannot bind even inorganic impurities by more than 5-10%, and organic impurities are sorbed and decomposed by adsorbents ten times slower.
Silver in Water Filters:
Silver is quite expensive.
Silver has no adsorption properties and cannot be used for filtration.
Silver as a metal accumulates in the body and, with certain amounts, becomes harmful to humans.

The water treated with our powder is slightly mineralized water, the biological activity of which is determined by a specific mineral composition (increased content of potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, etc.) and an increase in the degree of structuring of the water itself. It’s not only, and maybe not so much in the chemical composition of the water, as in the processes of self-purification and restoration, which were able to reproduce in water with the help of “AMELIA“.

Water is not only purified but obtains the following properties: 

Absence of toxicity and subsequent harmful effects on
the human body

Bactericidal properties;

Increased content of trace elements;

All the elements useful for the body are kept active

Healing effect with regular gargling of the throat and gums (sore throats, stomatitis, periodontal disease), diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, liver and kidneys;

Pronounced antihistamine effect (suppression of allergic reactions of the body)

Pronounced specific biological activity caused by water-soluble nano matrices based on natural fullerenes.

Optimal values of redox potential for intercellular fluids of body tissues. Cells will not have to spend energy on their alignment; all energy will be directed to intracellular metabolism.

Water is structured. The quasi-crystalline component of water is restored. In this case, water ideally provides the filling of intercellular and intracellular spaces, which is especially valuable for maintaining health.

Suspended solids, chlorine, petroleum products, iron and heavy metal ions, surfactants, organic compounds, nitrates, phosphates, ammonium salts, and radionuclides are removed from the water. “

So, this is the newest product we will have in stock now! We are very excited to bring this to you and hope you will find it worthwhile!