Shungite For Well Being


There is much information out there in Shungite Land. Some are correct and some is a bit dodgy. We like to look to the experts in the field and people with many years of experience to guide us on this journey. Although we have been working with Shungite for over 7 years there is still much to learn and more and more studies are being carried out on this amazing stone. Below is a small excerpt from our favourite Author on Shungite. We hope you enjoy it.

    “Shungite: Protection, Healing and Detoxification ” by Regina MartinoShungite Book

“All Russian studies on using shungite for therapeutic purposes have demonstrated its effectiveness and its ability in stimulating immune system defences and in reactivating healing processes.
In our nonmedical viewpoint, we are interested in applying shungite to the domain of well-being. In its natural state and in whatever form it may be, this mineral displays no negative effect. It is therefore ideal for usage without precise therapeutic control. However, as with any solution linked to wellbeing, the use of shungite never replaces the advice of a medical doctor when faced with any particular pathology.
The advantage to the use of shungite is that it is never in conflict with other therapies, even those that depend on medication because it acts on the base of our energetic body and supports all efforts taken to reestablish balance and health.”

Shungite Rooms in Russia.Shungite Room

Long experience of using shungite, its healing properties and high effect of protection from electromagnetic radiation, allowed the creation of shungite rooms, mostly in Russia, for adaptation and psycho-emotional correction, for both adults and children. Recovery is the main effect of the shungite room.

Staying in such a room enhances the overall vitality and body resistance improves the work efficiency of healthy individuals. This gives an opportunity to use shungite rooms for physical and psychological rehabilitation and non-medical recovery of human beings. Shungite room can also correct the energy bio-field of a person.

Such shungite rooms are constructed in St. Petersburg Military Medical Academy, in Petrozavodsk, in the spa centre “White Springs”, in the office of the company “Pritsero P” in Moscow, in Saratov. There is also a shungite room in the prison “Matrosskaya Tishina”, where the guards visit this room for 20-30 minutes to relieve fatigue after the shifts.

The shungite room constructed in Beslan School No.1 in 2006 has shown amazing results. It became a unique generator of life force to those who have survived the well-known Beslan tragedy (the seizure of children in this school by terrorists in 2004). The smiles of children, their colourful drawings that symbolize the good and the friendship, sunshine and flowers, the improvement of the emotional status of teachers and parents of children who have experienced this tragedy are the best evidence of surprising properties of shungite, the “stone-comforter”, as it is known here.

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