Peek inside one of our Suppliers production areas!

Shungite Hill

We thought you might like to see what a Shungite Factory looks like!


Shungite Production Shungite Production

Shungite production is a messy place! Note, the people are wearing full-body coverage, not so much because it is dangerous but because Shungite powder and dust are just so messy and black! It can stain your clothing and anything it comes into contact with!

You can see Shungite Tiles being made in the first picture. There are lots of offcuts that are a result of all the different Pyramids, Spheres and Cubes etc that are shaped.

The feeling in this sort of factory, whilst messy, must be fabulous! You are surrounded by all of the Shungite energy so it can’t be that bad!

These factories make huge amounts of Shungite products each day. They supply the World with all things Shungite. Mother Nature has created an amazing stone for us to share and we are so happy and privileged to offer it to you!

Laurice and Mark