Karelia, Russia!

Karelia Russia

We speak regularly with our Suppliers in Karelia about Shungite but also they love to chat with us about what they are doing and how their lives are progressing. We often wondered what else there is in Karelia and they tell us it is such a beautiful place, so we thought we would show you some of their gorgeous and historical land! There is so much more than just ” Shungite ” even though that’s what is important to all of us but Karelia has a rich and varied History that we knew nothing about. Below we will try and give you a quick update about Karelia with some beautiful pictures to look through!


The History of Karelia is about the cultural and geopolitical region of Karelia, in present-day eastern Finland and north-western Russia in northern Europe. The Karelian people’s presence can be dated back to the 7th millennium BC6th millennium BC.[1]


Karelia is primarily within the Scandinavian and Russian taiga habitat and ecoregion, which was rich in natural resources for prehistoric people’s food and shelter needs. The mining of copper in Karelia began between 1 AD and 1000 AD.[1] The ethnic composition of Karelia at the end of the 1st millennium consisted of Finno-Ugrian tribes.[1]

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