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The picture above is from Regina Martino’s website on how to prepare shungite water:

We thought we would do a small article again on Shungite and water purification as there still seems to be some confusion in the wider community on which Shungite to use.
We would be quite happy to sell Elite Shungite as the best option to purify water if that’s what the researchers suggested but this doesn’t appear to be the case from the papers we have seen.
Please see below the paper written and their reference to black Shungite with a carbon content of 30%. These show no negative side effects and amazing positive benefits when using Type 3, Shungite shards, or Shungite rock.
Below is an exert from the book by Regina Martino on how to make Shungite water. Her website shows Shungite rock ( we call it Shungite Shards ) as what to use when purifying water with Shungite. We are really at a loss as to why people are telling customers to only use Elite Shungite – it has not had any studies done on it to purify water that we can find anyway. If there are any science-backed studies we would love to see them!

Shungite for purifying water:

With its power to reactivate and revitalize, shungite gives water back its ability to hydrate our tissues and penetrate deeply into cellular structures. Shungite water can be regularly used as an energizing drink. We advise drinking a glass every morning if you are in good health (but take a week-long break from it once a month). If you are sick or convalescent, you could drink 2 or 3 glasses a day. Shungite water has no secondary effects. Like all regenerative and purifying food and drink, it can stimulate the draining of toxins from the body and thereby speed up processes that are underway. Also, as with all energizing drinks, consuming shungite water is not recommended in large doses.

How to prepare Shungite Water:

How to Prepare Shungite Water Wash shungite pebbles by rubbing them with your hands or using a brush to remove any fine black powder. Place about 100 grams (3.5 ounces) of shungite pebbles per litre (2.1 pints) of water at the bottom of a glass or ceramic carafe. Leave the shungite in this water for three days in order to obtain maximum effect. Then your activated water will be ready to drink. Begin the process over again, continuing to refill your container regularly. Shungite keeps indefinitely. There is no risk of it getting negatively charged. However, in order to keep this preparation physically clean (avoiding the accumulation of nitrates, chlorine, and so forth), we advise purifying the pebbles in the sun every four to six months. If the water you use is heavily chlorinated or polluted, we recommend changing the pebbles every two or three years. You can also place shungite pebbles on the bottom of a carafe fitted with a filter. The water is already filtered and the shungite can more readily deploy its activating power. This also works well with osmosis-processed water, which is very pure but if it is missing vital and dynamic qualities shungite can put that back in the water. Shungite water can be used in compresses or when washing as daily maintenance to maintain the elasticity and tone of the skin. Shungite’s fullerenes speed up the skin regeneration process and because of that, it can help with juvenile acne and other skin problems.

Shungite Baths:

Shungite Baths Baths in water containing shungite can be very useful in regaining energy and well-being, reducing fatigue, and improving circulation. In order to prepare a shungite bath, shungite pebbles are placed in a sachet bag that is left in the bath for ten minutes. You need to remain in the bath for about twenty minutes for maximum effect.
Martino, Regina. Shungite: Protection, Healing, and Detoxification.
Once again, we are open to any further information that we may have missed but until we see scientific proof that
Elite Shungite is now what should be used to purify the water we will be sticking with the science and using Shards with small Elite.
Hope this clears up some misconceptions and helps you on your journey.
Laurice and Mark.