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Shungite Shapes Updated!

Shungite Pyramids, Spheres, and Cubes.


Below you will find some updated and general information about the 3 most common shapes that Shungite (type 2) can be carved into. Both polished and unpolished, they have the ability to harmonise and balance dangerous frequencies from EMF radiation into a safer more bio-compatible energy for the human body. Shungite is believed to be able to do this is because of the Fullerenes inside.


Pyramids are best placed in your working space or sometimes in the bedroom to contribute to your well-being. Generally, any places you spend a lot of time are a good place to put your pyramids. Pyramids should be placed so that they are oriented to the 4 cardinal directions North, South, East, and West. Place a Pyramid on your desk to reduce the EMF emitted from computers and other electrical devices. It is best to place them close and slightly lower to the devices generating the EMF. 

Place a pyramid or Cube close to devices such as wi-fi routers, televisions, computers, and laptops, microwaves, and radios that are sources of EMF to neutralize any EMFs being emitted. Placing a Shungite pyramid in your office is said to increase your productivity and the productivity of your workmates close by. The pyramid creates a field around itself, which brings a positive change to moods within the office.

The fact that the pyramid has quickly become the most popular product made of Shungite is no coincidence. Since ancient times, the pyramids occupy an important position in the development of civilization. Because of its shape, the pyramid creates a torsion field around it, balancing harmful radiation.

Even one small Pyramid in a room can provide a peaceful, relaxing setting. Comments from customers who have used Shungite Pyramids in their workplaces , say that workplace conflicts decrease and the workplace had become more harmonious.


Our spheres are carved out of solid genuine  Type 2 Shungite.



Shungite Cubes are particularly known for their grounding abilities. Placing a Shungite Cube in the corners of a room grounds the energy in that room. The Cubes work in unison with one another to neutralize stress, negative energy, and emotions, creating a space with positive energy and shielding the space with its protective abilities. Cubes are wonderful to place in your home, office, sacred space, or any environment you spend a lot of time in.  They even look great as an architectural piece on their own.

Shungite Cube Polished 4 cm


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