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Shungite Honey

We are happy to advise that we have found some amazing people in NSW who have their own Shungite Beehives! We have partnered with them to bring you Australian Raw Shungite Honey, direct from the Apiary! You won’t believe how good this honey tastes and the feedback from customers on its many benefits. Please pop over to the Shungite Honey page to try this amazing product for yourself!

Following is some background information from Greg and Leisa who own and run Fungi Gs Bees where all of our honey is supplied from. Also, an update on C70 Honey which will be coming soon ( Elite Powder is added to the hives ) Our next batch should be C70!!!

Fungi Gs Bees are located in Grafton which is in the Northern Rivers area of NSW. We are across the road from the Clarence River & ten minutes walk to the town centre. I have observed the practices of local apiary operations and gathered as much knowledge as possible to have a better understanding of the industry but more so to get a better understanding of the bees needs.

Honey Beehives

As many of you know there are a lot of problems for the bees from pesticides, diseases etc, and the beekeeper is the biggest pest of the bunch! The process of harvesting is disruptive, deadly and just brutal, killing bees. The removal of frames is comparable to pulling your house apart. The next step of getting the honey from the frames is a messy job and has a lot of contamination risks, then there is the spinning process to get the honey out of the frames, this promotes oxidation of the honey and changes its taste & texture. The honey must be heated & filtered this all results in inferior honey which I want nothing to do with. In comes the flow hive, if you don’t know it’s an Aussie invention and it’s turnkey honey, no need for a centrifuge or the other machinery so this is the best option. The quality of the honey can be compared to “ Combe Honey “ it has minimal contact with the air and needs no heating to remove it from the frame. Honey from each frame can have completely different flavour profiles just like wine. We do not filter our honey or tamper with it in any way, “from bee to jar”. We don’t feed our bees, except for empty honey jars, these are put out in front of the hive & the bees clean them up, they love it! It’s only fair as it’s their honey that we giving back to them.Greg's Beehive Photos

So when it comes to looking after the bees there isn’t much you can do bar kill the odd hive beetle or destroyed an infected hive. My research has lead me to introduce wood chips which promote mushrooms to grow near the hive. Once the root system of the mushroom takes hold this is called mycelium. Mycelium has the capability to degrade all types of organic matter, materials from hardwoods, rock and even crude oils. It converts all this into liquid foods-sugars this also has antifungal, antibacterial, antimicrobial and antiviral properties. The bees remove the top layer of wood chips and drink from the mycelium root system this makes our bees supper healthy living twice as long as normal bees. This has other benefits such as – when bees are healthy pests and disease are no longer prevalent. We don’t interfere with our queens, we have no interest in bothering them, there is no need, the bees have their own methods. We do have about five swarms a year that fly off to repopulate the local area, so there is no interference from us.

On the property we have the following trees: 3 mango – 2 Turpin, 1 lemon scented, 2 trees are 35 feet 1 is 50 feet & all are within meters of the hive; lychee; mandarin; macadamia; peach; nectarine; orange; pawpaw; mulberry; Choko; cherry tomatoes; other seasonal vegetables & herbs. In the past, I would cut the grass as low as possible and whipper snipper to the dirt. In essence I was removing the water holding layer making it prone to drying out & reducing fruit production, not that we harvest that much for ourselves, some beneficiaries of produce are the Indian temple at Woolgoolga, our friends, anyone who asks politely, our two pet pigs, the water dragons, possums, every species of parrot, finches, birds & more in our area. The Chokos are also distributed to a bunch of lovely grannies for pickling, the bees love the Choko flowers too! Other benefits are the wild plant life better known as weeds, the bees give them a lot of attention so I don’t touch them anymore, it doesn’t look the best but I believe it’s the best thing to do for the bees and the plant life.

Being in town there are no commercial farmlands in reach of our bees and no heavy industry. We do have access to all the flowers & trees in neighbouring yards and trees lining the streets as well as the Clarence River natives, being across the road, this gives the benefit of not only harvesting all year round but complex tastes and floral bouquets unique to our honey that can’t be reproduced, even from one harvest to the next. Greg's Beehive Photos
Now comes the Shungite, I wanted to produce an extra health benefit from our honey that would set us apart, but moreover another line of defence for the health of our bees. At first, I tried larger pieces of Shungite and determined that the powder was more applicable. To my surprise, I then noticed that the bees were enjoying the Shungite and taking it in the hive! I do this on average every 3 days and have noticed an increase in bee population & harvests. The latest winter harvest from empty was four weeks and two days- this is not only a record for us but a record in general!

I would like to share some good news for the supporters of our honey, we have just received our second flow hive, so production should be doubled for the next harvest. When we reach four units we can introduce a larger jar for all you honey addicts out there! The more honey we sell the more flow hives we will purchase, this means supplies will never run out and larger quantities will be available.Greg's Beehive Photos

In the near future, we will be testing our honey for confirmation of its medicinal properties and also the c70 molecule. A percentage of all sales are devoted to testing and developing other techs to improve the life and health of our bees. We plan to have our own water vortex, magnetising Shungite structuring device with ozone processing, this will be for the bees to drink and also to atomise above the hives. This will ensure the health of our bees and give them the purest source of water on the planet, so enjoy our honey, you will find it hard to go without for both taste & your own well being.

PS We would love to see your response to tasting our honey with your friends or a comparison of your local honey. Please feel free to giveGreg's Beehive Photos us your flavour profile on any honey that you purchase, your feedback is invaluable! We want to see what you taste, so send videos to the Team at The Shungite Experience. You will get a present with your next order!

“ bee – have “ and “ bee – healthy “

Greg and Leisa from
Fungi G & The Bees

This is some info from a US-based business on Shungite Honey – You can find them at this address- Shungite Honey.com  

ShungiteHoney.com is focused on raising treatment-free bees (no chemical treatments used), in an all-natural EMF & WiFi-free environment. Numerous studies have shown how harmful anEMF (Electromagnetic Field) or WiFi field can be for bees. Studies have also shown that Shungite can attenuate EMF signals & environmental radiation. Our Shungite beehives have Shungite powder mixed into their exterior paint, in addition to having Shungite nuggets placed at their entrance. Certain beehives are also given Shungite powder to walk through. When the bees walk through the Shungite powder it adheres to their legs, then is carried both inside the beehive (thus mixes w/honey stores) & outside where the bees harvest their nectar/pollen.

We have zero CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder) losses since introducing Shungite to the beehives, and no losses due to disease.

  • We believe in Treatment-free Beekeeping (no chemicals used on beehives)

  • No artificial feeding (we leave the bees more than enough honey so feeding isn’t necessary)

  • Shungite Honey is kept 100% Raw & Unfiltered to retain the honey’s natural beneficial qualities!

Beehives are 30+ miles from commercial crops (to avoid pesticide contamination of honey)

                                        What’s Shungite?  Why use it on beehives?

Everything on Earth has a specific vibrational frequency. All humans, animals, plants & insects have a certain vibration field which has to be maintained at specific levels to remain healthy.  Our frequency means the way in which molecules or atoms of all matter “spin” around one another, as can be seen under a high-powered microscope.

NASA has been using frequency generators for decades to protect astronauts while they’re away from the Earth’s natural frequency source.  Astronauts physical condition deteriorated while in outer space, away from the Schumann Resonance (Earth’s frequency) and while being in the presence of the strong magnetic fields of the space shuttles. This problem was solved by introducing the “Schumann Simulator” into all space shuttles, a magnetic pulse generator broadcasting the Earth’s natural frequency.

Unfortunately, today’s technologies, such as computer monitors, laptops, tv’s, radios, microwave ovens, Wi-Fi routers, smart meters & cell-phones all use electromagnetic waves in order to function.

These frequencies are extremely harmful to our natural vibrations as well as the bees vibrations. When the bees vibration field or frequency is disharmonious, their meridian clocks are disturbed, immunity is compromised, natural recovery and rejuvenation abilities are reduced & overall wellness can drop.  This, in turn, makes the bees more susceptible to diseases & pests.


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