Polished Shungite and Selenite Harmonizer Set


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To keep your Shungite product looking beautiful, we suggest a quick wipe off with warm soapy water and then leave it in the sun to dry.  As Shungite never takes on a negative charge, there is nothing else needed.

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Elite Shungite Powder
1 × Elite Shungite Powder

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Water Pack
Pocket Harmonizer Set
1 × Pocket Harmonizer Set

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The term harmonizers are used for two stone shapes of different compositions that are used together. They can be in the shape of cylinders, spheres, or eggs. This tradition of paired harmonizers comes from ancient Egypt. The pharaohs are often represented holding a cylinder in each hand while surrounded by two divinities symbolising ba and ka energy polarities. It is said that a current of subtle energy runs through the body of the person holding the cylinders. The type of energising and rebalancing effect of this energetic flow is related to the specific qualities of the different stones used.

These beautiful sets are carved from solid pieces of Selenite ( Sometimes called Satin Spar ) and Shungite. These unique Harmonizers work together to open and activate the third eye, crown and the Soul Star chakra above the head. Selenite helps to facilitate communion with your Higher Self, Spirit Guides and Angels. Selenite also inspires one to release insecurity and reach for one’s desires. Selenite facilitates the experience of receiving inner guidance and connects us to the Higher Realms of Angels and Guides. When using them hold the intention of receiving guidance or contacting the Higher realms. Selenite also amplifies other Crystals energies so you get a huge amount of energetic balancing.

You always hold the Shungite cylinder in the left hand ( as it has a Yin energy ) and the other one in the right hand. You can also just hold them and relax, experiencing the gentle energy flow that will help to reduce stress and anxiety.

Harmonizers work on the principle of ” a difference in potential” between the two stones. They are wonderful to use in Meditation. There are two cylinders included. One Shungite and the other Selenite.

Measures approx 100mm in length & have a diameter of approximately 30mm

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Weight approx 650gms

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