Polished Type 2 Shungite Etched Tile – Tree of Life


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To keep your Shungite product looking beautiful, we suggest a quick wipe off with warm soapy water and then leave it in the sun to dry.  As Shungite never takes on a negative charge, there is nothing else needed.

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100mm Shungite Merkabah


Shungite Tiles can be used in a variety of ways. These are beautifully etched with a Tree Of Life symbol on them! Type 2 Shungite.
You can put them in your fridge to keep food fresh, use them in your car to help with EMF’S, use them under your bed or pillow to help with better sleep, or place them under your feet to ease soreness. The uses are endless!

Each piece of Shungite is unique and so each tile is also unique!

These Tiles are polished on the top only, not underneath.

Measures approx 100mm x 100mm x 8mm.

Please be advised that Etched Shungite Tiles may have veins of golden pyrite showing in them. This is because where the stone was mined ( Karelia Russia ) there are veins of pyrite in the same layer as the Shungite. Typically these veins are not so noticeable on polished Shungite items. But they may become more visible on engraved Shungite Tiles or Pendants due to the specific features of the manufacturing process. Pyrite veins do not compromise the quality of Shungite and its properties as they are normal and in all Shungite to some degree. Please, be aware of them when choosing Shungite engraved items.

The Tree of Life


In the Norse mythology Tree of life (Yggdrasil) is an eternal green ash tree of life that connects all nine worlds and is a center of life and spiritual cosmos. One of its roots lies in Asgard and is the home of gods, while the other is in Hel, which is the underworld of Norse mythology. The third root is in Midgard, the realm of mortal men. This way, Yggdrasil connects worlds of mortal, divine, and dead. As Yggdrasil is the center of the spiritual universe, the well-being of the world depends on the well-being of Yggdrasil, and its trembling is the harbinger of Ragnarok, which is the destruction of the universe. That is why it is important for the universe to keep itself in balance. This way, Yggdrasil symbolizes the life itself, as well as the flow of energy between physical and spiritual worlds as it grounds and stabilizes balance between them. It can provide a greater connection to the Earth as well as to the cosmos.


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