Polished Type 2 FOL Shungite Etched Tile


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To keep your Shungite product looking beautiful, we suggest a quick wipe off with warm soapy water and then leave it in the sun to dry.  As Shungite never takes on a negative charge, there is nothing else needed.

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Shungite Word Stones
1 × Shungite Word Stones - Wisdom

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Water Pack
Shungite Word Stones
1 × Shungite Word Stones - Success

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Shungite Tiles can be used in a variety of ways. These are beautifully etched with a Flower Of Life symbol on them! Type 2 Shungite.
You can put them in your fridge to keep food fresh, use them in your car to help with EMF’S, use them under your bed or pillow to help with better sleep, or place them under your feet to ease soreness. The uses are endless!

Each piece of Shungite is unique and so each tile is also unique!

These Tiles are polished on the top only, not underneath.

Measures approx 100mm x 100mm x 8mm.

Please be advised that Etched Shungite Tiles may have veins of golden pyrite showing in them. This is because where the stone was mined ( Karelia Russia ) there are veins of pyrite in the same layer as the Shungite. Typically these veins are not so noticeable on polished Shungite items. But they may become more visible on engraved Shungite Tiles or Pendants due to the specific features of the manufacturing process. Pyrite veins do not compromise the quality of Shungite and its properties as they are normal and in all Shungite to some degree. Please, be aware of them when choosing Shungite engraved items.

The Flower of Life and sacred geometry

The Flower of Life is an ancient geometric symbol of sacred geometry. This sacred symbol does not belong to any of the world’s religions and has been an important symbol throughout history and can be found on different continents in different cultures. If we take a deeper look into understanding this symbol, we come to comprehend the secrets of life and space and the patterns of world and life creation.

The Flower of Life is made up of 19 equally sized overlapping and interconnected circles. This symbol is created by one circle, which is surrounded by 6 circles, which are subsequently surrounded by 12 circles. This creates the image of a flower, reminding us how everything is interconnected representing a harmonious and balanced life.

Sacred geometry is an ancient science and a dedicated language that leads to the understanding of space and life and helps us to comprehend science, art, and architecture. Sacred geometry was taken into account in the construction of secret temples, mosques, churches … The Flower of Life illustrates the harmony of sacred geometry and the pattern of life on which everything is created.

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