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Elite is the scarcest form of Shungite & accounts for around 1% of all Shungite. It contains a higher quantity of Fullerenes per mass than type 2 Shungite. It is 98-99% carbon compared with around 70% carbon for type 2 Shungite.
Elite is the most beautiful type of Shungite. It does not lend itself to being polished or shaped so is always kept in the raw form in which it is found. Each piece is unique and will be characterized by a shiny semi-metallic look often highlighted with conchoidal patterns.
Another common feature of Elite is Ochre coloured inclusions. These are Jarosite, a basic sulfate of iron formed from the oxidation of Pyrite. Elite is sometimes called crystallized Shungite because of its naturally faceted appearance but this term is incorrect since Shungite is an amorphous mineral and never crystallizes into any geometrical shapes.

Sold per piece.

Due to the nature of Elite, size and shape will vary but each piece will be within the weight guidelines and of the highest quality. Pictures are a sample of the Elite.

Shungite is a stone of balance and harmony ……Read More About Metaphysical Crystal Meanings

Care and Use of large Elite:

We don’t recommend using these larger pieces of Elite in water. They are very rare and not really used for making water. The larger pieces are very strong, however, sometimes have multi-layers of Jarosite ( oxidised Pyrite ) through them which aren’t visible. Over time, if left submerged in water they may open up. This is rare but possible. Smaller pieces are better for making Shungite water as they have more surface area to release fullerenes.

Standard up to 500gms 12.95
  • .5 - 1kgs 14.95
  • 1- 2kg 19.95
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  • 3-5 kg 25.95
  • 5-10 kg 35.00
  • over 10kg - 55.00
Express Up to .500gm 15.00
  • .5 - 3 kg 18.00
  • 3 - 5 kg 25.00
  • over 5 kg- 49.00


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