Sterling Silver Moldavite Ring

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This is a genuine Moldavite ring, set in Sterling Silver. A beautiful piece of Moldavite that is quite thick and with a lovely colour.

Moldavite is a tektite and is the only “extraterrestrial” gemstone, found only in the Moldau Valley in Czechoslovakia. Lately, there have been other green tektites or imitations that are called “moldavite,” but only the Czech moldavite is the “real thing.”
When wearing moldavite, it is best to be mentally prepared and be properly grounded. Moldavite diminishes contracting or withdrawing energies. Moldavite in any form increases the depth and clarity of inner journeys. It is a powerful stone, and its energies can at first be intimidating for those that are not aware of its power, it tends to bring issues to the surface to be transformed, thus it is called ” stone of transformation.”
Moldavite measures approx 14mm x 12mm.
Size 7.5 / P

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