Sterling Silver Black Star Diopside Ring


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This is a beautiful piece of Black Star Diopside which shows an amazing cross when in the right light! The asterism is made from Magnetite and shows when directly under a light. Made by the amazing artisans at Blue Turtles. We resonate strongly with their mission and their jewellery and love to bring their exquisite pieces to you!

• Crystal healers believe this stone can alleviate aggression and stubbornness facilitates creativity and analysis and may aid in the learning process making it a great resource for students.

• Black star diopside signifies love fidelity and the inner heart.

• This gem is thought to help heal trauma by producing cleansing tears to wash away the pain earning it the moniker the “crying stone.”


In a world full of throwaway things made and sold by people who don’t care, are you one of the few who seeks the truly beautiful things? Are you drawn to those things created from the Heart, by true artisans? Then welcome, kindred spirit! We share your passion and appreciation, made from the heart, as jewellery should be. For what is jewellery really about? It’s your way of expressing yourself, or how you feel about another. It can also be a source of strength, healing and change in your life

Charoite activates the latent inner knowledge that can lead you to your path of service to the world………..Read More About Metaphysical Crystal Meanings

Measures approx 24mm x 18mm

Size 9


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