Sterling Silver Keshi Pearl Pendant


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This is a gorgeous Keishi Pearl handcrafted and set in a stunning contemporary Sterling Silver setting.

With Keshi pearls, there are two ways that the pearl can form, none of which has to do with the “usual” process of a pearl. The first way that the Keshi pearl can form occurs when the oyster rejects and spits out the substance – the nucleus – before the development of the pearl has had the opportunity to finish. The second possibility is that the nucleus fractures and forms two separate pearl sacs – that is, circles of nacre – neither with a nucleus. Eventually, one or two nucleus-less pearls will usually form.

Keshi pearls – also known as poppy seed pearls or seed pearls, as Keshi means poppy seed in Japanese – may result from either freshwater or saltwater pearls. Keshi pearls can be quite small in size, and as they do not have nuclei – upon which the shape of a pearl is usually determined – there is usually a large degree of variance in the shape of Keshi pearls. Keshi pearls also come in a variety of different colours and shades and are known for their lustre and uncommon orient. This is a result of their composition consisting of solid nacre. As the nucleus is eventually expelled by the oyster before the pearl is actually formed, the Keshi pearl consists entirely of nacre……….Read More About Metaphysical Crystal Meanings

Measures approx 38mm x 28mm


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