Elite Shungite Powder, Gold and Resin Pendant


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This lovely Unisex Elite Shungite and Gold pendant comes with a 1mm adjustable leather cord. Elite Shungite is combined with resin in a specific ratio with 24Kt gold, which magnifies the power of Shungite. These are especially useful to wear when you are exposed to the 5G Network!

Elite Shungite:

Elite Shungite type-I is the purest and rarest form of Shungite, hand in mined Karelia Russia. This silvery glassy stone contains more fullerenes than the other types of shungite; therefore the healing properties are higher than the other types of Shungite.

In Russia, shungite is described as a shield. A team of researchers studied the effect of low-intensity microwave electromagnetic radiation on the blood cell and bone marrow of the shielded rats, emphasizing the ability of shungite -type-II to reduce the effects of the radiation under these circumstances. From their results, it is concluded that shungite type-II has a positive shielding effect, and no rats suffered the damaging effects of the microwave radiation. Wearing Shungite over time strengthens your biofield.


Gold activates the first 3 chakras- Base to Solar plexus, it can be stimulating to the emotional body, assisting one in overcoming emotional paralysis and fear.

Gold brings joy, excitement, and optimism into the biofield –

Book of Stones by Robert Simmons.


  • EMF Protection
  • Enhances gemstone experience
  • Stress reduction
  • Shields against unhealthy energies
  • Strengthens Biofield
  • Biofeedback results

    Top left image: Base photo- the main colour is Deep Blue of Peaceful Communication.

    Top right image: Wifi photo- the subject is holding an operating mobile main colour is Green Yellow, her biofield and chakras are compromised, Solar plexus in particular and shrinkage of Sacral chakra.

    Bottom left image: Wifi and Shungite Sphere Pendant wearing the pendant a few minutes. The main colour is Deep Green, her whole biofield has been put into a healing crisis and working to stabilise with being challenged with wifi and balancing with the Shungite.

    Bottom right image: Wifi and Shungite Sphere Pendant -wearing them for 10+ minutes the Main colour is Violet Blue, peace combined with cleansing violet. Allowing the extra time shows her biofield has utilised the Shungite to repair and strengthen her biofield and chakras are balanced

Shungite is a stone of Harmony and Balance……..Read More About Metaphysical Crystal Meanings



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