Raw Organic Shungite Honey

Raw Shungite Flow Honey straight from the Apiary!Greg's Beehive Photos

This amazing Raw Honey is something special! We have partnered with some truly dedicated and amazing people from Grafton in far north NSW to bring you Honey that is truly unique. Each batch is creamy but with something different depending on where the bees are collecting their pollen from.
Did you know that using Shungite powder in these hives has doubled the bees lives! Incredible….. they simply love the Shungite and love to take it into their hives.

Some info on our Apiary:Greg's Beehive Photos

  • No chemicals used to treat for pests or disease (we have neither)
  • No feeding, we leave the bees more than enough of their own honey so supplemental feeding/nutrients aren’t necessary. (artificial feeding of sugars harms the bees, aluminium particles are present in most processed sugars)
  • We have no CCD losses (Colony Collapse Disorder) and no losses due to sickness or disease of any kind.
  • We leave all Queen bees alone, no culling or replacing Queens when egg laying slows. (We allow the Queens to complete their natural life-cycle, allowing the bees to produce a new Queen bee when they decide.)

Some of the health benefits that have been reported are:

  • Aids in digestive problems
  • Helps with flu/cold symptoms/sore throats
  • Is a Probiotic
  • Antibacterial
  • Antimicrobial
  • Antifungal
We will keep updating this information as the Apiary grows and as we receive feedback from the many customers who are enjoying our Shungite Raw Honey!
Please be aware: Never feed raw honey to children under 1 years old as they cant digest it correctly and there may be other health issues.

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