What does ” Mala ” mean?

Mala translates from Sanskrit as “heavenly garland”. Mala beads are a string of 108 beads traditionally used in prayer and meditation, as well as beautiful jewellery!
They are a beautiful reminder of our intentions. Malas can be made from Gemstones, Wood, Lotus Seed or Rudraksha Seed beads, which you can match to the intention of your practice.

How do I Choose my Mala?

From our point of view, there are 4 things to think of when choosing a Mala.

Beauty – does this Mala feel beautiful to me? We need to surround ourselves with beauty, from Nature especially!

Intention – What is my Intention when choosing this Mala? It can be as simple as wanting to wear something divine, to wanting a piece to Meditate with. Keep in mind your Intention whilst browsing.

The Energy – each component of our Mala Beads is said to have its own Energy or Vibration. The Crystals, Seeds, Wood and Beads will call to you, remember to follow.

Intuition – Lastly and most importantly follow your Intuition. You may feel drawn to a certain Mala, embrace that, even if it isn’t the one you came here to find as it could be exactly what you need at this time. Nothing is ever by chance.

Who Can Wear a Mala?

Mala’s can be worn by anyone of any religion. Simply stated, they can be worn by anyone who wants to be reminded of their intention, peace and beauty. Your Mala will become what you make of it by using and wearing it during your day. Gemstone and wood beads are supportive and they all have varying properties. Ask yourself what purpose your Mala will be used for? You can choose your Mala by colour, stone or energy. You may use a Mala for meditation or simply to wear because they are beautiful, it’s up to you.

Who makes our Malas?

All of our Mala’s are handmade in our own Studio. We cleanse and bless each Mala before it leaves us, either with a Crystal Singing Bowl or a Sage Smudge Stick. We then set an intention for the new owners to find Joy and Happiness on their chosen Path. Our Mala’s are strung on silk thread imported from Germany and our tassels are made of either silk or cotton. Quality is our highest priority and we use, wherever possible, sustainable materials.

What if my Mala breaks?

If your Mala arrives broken or breaks within 30 days of arrival will repair or replace it (at our own discretion) free of charge ( postage is payable). Please contact us immediately if your piece is broken and include a picture. If breakage happens after this period we offer a repair service for $20. Please contact us to arrange.

How do I care for my Mala?

Your Mala Beads come in a cotton pouch for safe keeping. Like any other cherished and loved piece of jewellery, you should treat your mala beads with care and respect. Pop them back in their pouch when not in use. Please don’t get them wet as the thread will deteriorate. If treated with care, your Mala Love Mala Beads should have a very long life.


Mala Love